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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/16/2018  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 18-24 Approving Wellhead Protection Implementation Joint Powers Agreement
From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Council is asked to consider entering into a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) administered by Anoka County to jointly implement the Wellhead Protection Plans of member cities.
Anoka County Environmental Services administers a Municipal Wellhead Protection Group to jointly implement plans of member cities, further described in the attached statement of purpose. For background, Coon Rapids was a signatory member of the first (1997) JPA to cooperate in preparing original wellhead plans (the Planning JPA). Coon Rapids signed the 1997 JPA then later chose to have a consultant prepare its plan separate from the Group. The Planning JPA was terminated when the other cities completed their plans.

In 2010, the Group decided to establish a new Wellhead JPA to implement the common elements of the City plans (the Implementation JPA). Anoka County included the cities in the original Planning JPA in the notice of the new (2010) JPA, but Coon Rapids did not execute the agreement.

As staff currently participates in the group, it would be beneficial to memorialize Coon Rapids' membership. The First Addendum permits any Anoka County municipality to join the Wellhead Group by simply a certified resolution of their City Council. The attached documents (2010 JPA and addendum) were drafted by Assistant County Attorney, Nancy Norman, and reviewed by the City Attorney.
Staff recommends City Council adopt Resolution No. 18-24, approving the Wellhead Protection Implementation Joint Powers Agreement with Anoka County, Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Fridley, Lexington, Lino Lakes, St. Francis and Spring Lake Park.

There are no associated costs for the City to join the group. Staff will provide the City Council with all pertinent information should any projects come forward in the future that would require City cost participation
Statement of Purpose
WHP Implementation JPA
WHP JPA 1st Addendum
Resolution No. 18-24

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