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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 01/18/2018  
Subject:    PC 17-39 Site Plan for Fast Food Restaurant, 13001 Round Lake Boulevard, RLB Northwest
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting site plan approval for a 2,950 square foot fast food restaurant located at 13001 Round Lake Boulevard.
Conduct a public hearing
Decision by Planning Commission
Appeal to City Council Available
The applicant submitted this application on:  December 11

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City must approve or deny the application by: February 9
The property is located at 13001 Round Lake Boulevard
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Vacant General Commercial General Commercial
North Holiday Station convenient store/Northdale Blvd. General Commercial General Commercial
South Wendys fast food General Commercial General Commercial
East Auto repair General Commercial General Commercial
West Round Lake Boulevard General Commercial General Commercial
The applicant is proposing to construct a 2,946 square foot fast food restaurant with 50 seats inside and 32 seats on an outdoor patio. The restaurant includes a drive thru window. The site is about 1.5 acres in size; however, some of that is encumbered by street easements and cannot be developed. The developable area is .85 acres. The site was previously used as a convenience store and carwash; the store, gas pumps and carwash have all been demolished. The site is a corner lot with frontage on Round Lake Boulevard and Northdale Boulevard. It has access from two private drives.

Site Plan Criteria
Required Finding - Chapter 11-325 - General Requirements for All Site Plans Staff Analysis and Comments
(1) Be compatible with surrounding land uses OK - The proposed site plan is compatible with the adjacent land uses. The adjacent land uses are commercial.
(2) Preserve existing natural features  whenever possible N/A- There are no natural features to preserve. The existing landscaping is being removed except for two trees along the south property line.
(3) Achieve a safe and efficient circulation system OK – The drive aisles are of sufficient width to allow for safe and efficient traffic circulation. Access to the site is via the private drives. No access is proposed from either Round Lake Boulevard or Northdale Boulevard.  See parking and access discussion below. 
(4) Not place excessive traffic loads on local streets OK –  Northdale Boulevard and Round Lake Boulevard can both handle any traffic generated by the proposed restaurant.
(5) Conform to the City’s plans for parks, streets, service drives, and walkways OK - There is an existing sidewalk along Northdale Boulevard. The applicant will be installing a sidewalk along Round Lake Boulevard.
(6) Conform to the City’s Goals and Policies OK – The project does not require any variances.
(7) Achieve a maximum of safety, convenience, and amenities OK – An internal sidewalk system connects the building entrances with the parking lot. There is also a sidewalk connecting the building with the proposed sidewalk along Round Lake Boulevardd. Lighting is provided for the parking lot and driveway. The lights will have shields and cut offs so that the light is directed away from adjacent properties. The lighting plan will comply with city ordinance.
(8) Show sufficient landscaping NO – See discussion below. 
(9) Not create detrimental disturbances to surrounding properties OK – The project will not create disturbances which will be detrimental to the surrounding properties.
(10) Meet Title 11 OK - No variances are required.
(11) Show efforts to conserve energy whenever practical OK - Landscaping is provided to provided shade for the parking lot. 

Building Elevations
The building elevations will be a mix of brick and EIFS. The type and mix of materials complies with the  code. No one material exceeds 35% of the facade and the mix of materials is continued on all four sides. Materials include a mix of light and dark brick as well as three shades of stucco. Each elevation is made up of multiple horizontal planes and each plane is a different material. The front of the building faces Round Lake Boulevard. It includes the main entrance and a pergola over an outdoor seating area. The south side includes a secondary entrance and the east side includes access to the utility/service areas. The north side of the building includes the drive thru service window. Variations in the roof line is provided by the various components of each wall.   

Dumpster Enclosure
The dumpster enclosure is located in the southeast corner of the site.It will be constructed of brick to match the building. The two gates are opaque and will open into the site so that they are not readily visible from outside the property.

Parking and Access
Access into the site is from the two private drives. There is one two way access into the site on the south side and two access drives on the east side. The one closest to Northdale Boulevard is one-way in and the other is one way out. Traffic flow around the site is one-way counter clockwise.

There  are 25 parking stalls provided; 13 on the north side, five parallel spaces along Round Lake Boulevard and seven spaces along the south side. Parking is sufficient to meet the requirement for the 50 indoor seats. However, the applicant is proposing an additional 32 seats on an outdoor patio. If the outdoor seats are included in the parking calculation, an additional 16 spaces are required. Code does not differentiate between traditional indoor seating and seasonal outdoor seating. Code does allow the Commission some discretion in reducing the parking requirement if the applicant provides documentation supporting the reduction. The applicant has provided a narrative explaining why additional parking is not needed for the outdoor seating. In summary, the applicant feels that customers, on nice days, choose to sit outside instead on inside. The parking demand is not increased because of outdoor seating. In addition, outdoor seating is seasonal and subject to weather; it is used a minority of the year.  

A proposed drive thru window is located on the north side of the building; the stacking lane wraps around the east and south sides. Code requires a minimum of six stacking spaces, the applicant is proposing 10 spaces.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Access
A sidewalk and crosswalk connect the front entrance with the sidewalk on Round Lake Boulevard. A crosswalk connects the handicapped spaces on the south side with the sidewalk around the building. A bicycle rack is provided on the south side of the building.

The proposed landscape plan complies with the minimum requirements with the following modifications: the proposed evergreen tree along Round Lake Boulevard should be changed to an overstory tree and two additional overstory trees should be provided along Northdale Boulevard. Code requires five overstory trees along Round Lake Boulevard and five along Northdale Boulevard. A mix of overstory, ornamental and evergreen trees are proposed along the private drives. All landscaped will be irrigated and the yard area will be sod. Detailed planting plans for the shrub beds are required. The dumpster enclosure will be screened by five foot tall arborvitae. The shrubs proposed between the parking on the south side of the parking lot and the private drive should be moved so that they are at least  five feet the the parking lot. The landscape plan shows one existing overstory tree will be preserved; it is located along the south property line.

It should be noted on the plans that the existing two pylon signs will be removed. 

Wall signage
Wall signage is limited to two walls and not to exceed 10% of the wall area. The building elevations include signage on all four walls. Details of the signs have not been provided. Wall signage is not being approved at this time and is subject to separate permits.

Ground Sign
The applicant is proposing a ground sign at the northeast corner of the site. The sign is setback 15 feet from the property line and complies with the setback requirements. The style and design of the sign have not been finalized and the ground sign is subject to a separate sign permit.

Grading, Drainage and Utilties
The Engineer's memo is attached.
In Planning Case 17-39, the Commission move to approve the proposed site plan for a fast food restaurant with the following conditions:
  1. Compliance with Title 11, Land Development Regulations.
  2. All engineering comments be addressed.
  3. The developer enter into a Site Security Agreement with the City.
  4. The proposed evergreen tree along Round Lake Boulevard must be changed to an overstory tree and two additional overstory trees must be added along Northdale Boulevard.
  5. Detailed planting plans for the shrub beds are required.
  6. The shrubs proposed between the parking on the south side of the parking lot and the private drive should be moved so that they are at least  five feet the the parking lot.
  7. The plans be revised to indicate that the two existing pylon signs will be removed.
  8. Wall and ground signs are not approved, they require separate sign permits.

Location Map
Development Plans
Building Elevations
Floor Plan
Applicant's Parking Narrative

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