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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 01/09/2018  
Subject:    2018 Legislative Priorities
From: Matt Stemwedel, City Manager

The City Council and staff will discuss the City's legislative priorities for the 2018 session.
The Minnesota Legislature will convene on February 20, 2018. Each year the City of Coon Rapids has various legislative initiatives for which it advocates. Some of these initiatives are specific to Coon Rapids and are issues that City Council and staff actively engage legislators and lobbyists to seek a favorable outcome. Others initiatives are of a regional and/or statewide nature that are often pursued by other organizations that the City maintains a membership in, including: the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC), Metro Cities and the North Metro Mayors' Association. The City supports the legislative platforms of its membership organizations. This doesn't require the City to agree with or advocate for each and every initiative of these organizations, but that in general the City supports their legislative policies. The legislative policy documents for the LMC and Metro Cities can be found by visiting these websites:
  Staff has developed a draft list of 2018 legislative initiatives for Council consideration. Councilmembers are encouraged to propose additions and changes to this list for discussion purposes at the Council Work Session. The City specific legislative initiatives for 2018 include:
1.) Greater Minnesota Gateway (Hwy. 10/169 Corridor): The City of Coon Rapids has participated in a coalition of local governments that are seeking significant investments for improvements within the Highway 10/169 corridor. These projects include:
  • Construction of an underpass at Fairoak Ave. and a full interchange at Thurston Ave. in the City of Anoka.
  • Adding one traffic lane on east and west Highway 10 between Hanson Blvd. and Round Lake Blvd. in the City of Coon Rapids.
  • Construction of a grade separated intersection at Sunfish Lake Blvd. and Ramsey Blvd. in the City of Ramsey. This improvement would be proposed in a future legislative session once the other projects have received funding.
2.) Highway 610 and Interstate 94: The City supports initiatives to fully complete connections and expand capacity along the Hwy. 610 to I-94 corridor, including a full interchange at Coon Rapids Blvd.
Staff recommends that the City Council discuss its 2018 legislative priorities.

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