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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/16/2018  
Subject:    Consider Purchase of Vactor Truck for Sanitary Sewer
Submitted For: Sharon Legg From: Dalton Larson

Staff is recommending the purchase of a 2018 Vactor Sewer cleaning truck.
Funds to replace Unit S207 and Unit 78, both 2007 Sterling Vactor trucks, are included in the Sanitary and Storm Sewer Funds in the amounts of $512,103 and $494,975, respectively.  The 2018 Budget includes trade-in values estimated at $90,000 each. 
At this time, the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is recommending the purchase of a replacement unit for the sewer operation.  Staff is continuing to review the condition of the storm drainage vehicle before recommending replacement of that vehicle.  Age and reliability have become an issue.  The cost of the new Unit S207 is anticipated to be $502,313 not including registration tax of $32,650 for the unit.   The Vactor truck will be purchased from MacQueen Equipment, a state contract vendor for Trucks: Single & Tandem Axle Cab & Chassis. There is a lead time on receiving the vehicle of 120 to 180 days.

The existing Unit S207 has 56,262 miles.  Although the miles are low, since it stays in the City, maintenance has been significant.  The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is recommending the City advertise the old truck for sale on GovDeals.  Historically, the City has seen a higher return compared to standard trade-ins by utilizing this process. There is the potential to actually receive up to $100,000 for the units.

The truck, including registration tax, for the Sewer Fund is greater than the amount originally budgeted by $22,861 due to the addition of the heater for the water tank.  This avoids water freezing during the winter which has been an issue that needed to be dealt with in the past. 
Staff is recommending the purchase of a 2018 Vactor trucks from MacQueen Equipment under the state contract totaling $502,313 and advertising the existing 2007 Sterling Vactor truck on GovDeals for sale.

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