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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 10/09/2018  
Subject:    2019 Street Reconstruction
From: Mark Hansen, Assistant City Engineer

Staff will discuss updates to the proposed 2019 street reconstruction program.
The following items will be discussed in relation to the proposed 2019 street reconstruction program.

1. Bridgewater neighborhood backyard drainage
This discussion will be a follow up to previous discussions held at Council work sessions on September 12 and October 24, 2017. Staff, with the assistance of the Coon Creek Watershed District and its Engineer, will review results of modeling efforts performed to address backyard flooding concerns expressed by residents along Cottonwood Street south of 116th Avenue. Staff will review the options investigated and discuss potential improvements that could be implemented as part of the 2019 street reconstruction project that is planned within this neighborhood.

2. Turf establishment done via hydro-seeding or sodding methods.
Street reconstruction projects in Coon Rapids over the past several years have used hydro-seeding methods to re-establish boulevards disturbed by street reconstruction activities. Hydro-seeding works well when weather conditions are right, and property owners are willing to help water and pull weeds. Often the phasing of street reconstruction operations do not allow for hydro-seeding to be done at the most ideal times of the year, and many areas need to be re-seeded. Staff receives numerous complaints from property owners regarding the hydro-seeding process, as well as the quality of topsoil furnished. Staff intends to recommend the use of sod for the 2019 program. Hydro-seeding on a typical street reconstruction project makes up approximately 2.5% of the total project cost. Staff estimates that cost would double if sod is used for boulevard restoration instead hydro-seeding. Staff also intends to provide clarifying/educational information to residents on ownership and proper care for the sod, and update the City's topsoil specifications for the 2019 program.

3. Asphalt pavement thickness on local streets.
Staff recommends the City standard for asphalt pavement thickness specified on local streets be increased from 2.5" to 3" for the 2019 program. 2018 asphalt replacement costs based on a 2.5" pavement thickness made up approximately 25% of the overall project cost. Increasing the pavement thickness to 3" is expected to produce an overall project cost increase of 6% for a total of 31% of project costs attributed to asphalt pavement.

4. City owned street light replacements with street reconstruction projects.
As part of the 18-1 street reconstruction project, a neighborhood was selected for upgrade of all City owned street lights to LED. The locations selected for this LED upgrade was based upon pole and fixture condition. The cost to replace 9 street lights and install an additional light was $16,335.00. Staff seeks direction from the Council on further LED upgrades of City owned street lights in conjunction with the annual street reconstruction program and, at a minimum, recommends as-needed replacements based upon condition assessments.  

5. Proposed sidewalks to be constructed as part of the 2019 street reconstruction program.
Staff recommends constructing new concrete sidewalk segments along the north sides of 131st Avenue (between Crooked Lake Boulevard and Coon Creek Boulevard), and 127th Avenue (between Hanson Boulevard and Prairie Oaks Park).  It is further recommended to investigate the feasibility of completing a sidewalk gap along the west side of Springbrook Drive (between Holly Street and the YMCA). Property owners will receive notice of these proposed sidewalk segments through the street reconstruction notification process.

An additional sidewalk segment on the west side of Crane Street from Main to 127th was previously requested by a property owner, but this segment was assigned a lower priority by the Safety Committee and appears difficult to accomplish. Based upon the priority, feasibility and other community needs, this segment is not being considered in the program unless requested by Council for further investigation.

6. Mississippi Boulevard (between Hanson Boulevard and Ibis Street) street reconstruction assessments.
This segment of Mississippi Boulevard was reconstructed in 2000. At that time 13 single family properties were assessed $857.56 each, and one apartment building (located at the corner of Hanson Blvd and Mississippi Blvd) was assessed $1,125.60. Conditions on this roadway began to deteriorate a few years ago, and the asphalt pavement is now proposed for total replacement as part of the 2019 program. The City has experienced three significant watermain breaks on this segment of Mississippi Boulevard since 2010, and staff will be proposing to replace the watermain pipe and services as part of the 2019 reconstruction project. While there appears to be premature deterioration of the roadway surface, there is definite benefit to the abutting properties and staff is proposing to assess all such properties at the full 2019 street reconstruction assessment rates.

7. 121st Avenue (South Street) Reconstruction Project Assessments
The City of Anoka is proposing to reconstruct 121st Avenue (South Street) from 9th Avenue to approximately 300-feet east of Cree Street in 2019. Anoka will be leading this project, including design, bidding, and construction administration tasks. The project plans to replace both the existing trunk watermain and sanitary sewer pipes. There are 14 Coon Rapids residents along the south side of 121st Avenue that will be affected by this project. Anoka's proposed 2019 single family residential assessment rate is $3,330 (does not include utility assessment amounts). Coon Rapids's 2019 single family residential assessment rate is $2,070. Staff recommend application of the same assessment rate as all other single family residential properties in Coon Rapids proposed to be assessed for street reconstruction in 2019 be applied to the properties along 121st Avenue. The City of Anoka is requesting the City of Coon Rapids pay half the street surface reconstruction costs of 121st Avenue, the total of which is estimated at approximately $300,000. Coon Rapids street reconstruction funds will be used to pay the balance of street surface reconstruction costs not covered by assessments.

All 14 Coon Rapids properties affected by this project pay the City of Anoka for their water and sewer service. Anoka charges its residents $1,200 for water service restoration, and $1,090 for sewer service restoration as part of their street reconstruction program. All the Coon Rapids residents within this project area pay the City of Anoka directly for their water and sewer service. Staff recommends the City of Coon Rapids assess the affected Coon Rapids properties the same amounts for water and sewer restorations as Anoka, and forward funds collected from these assessments to the City of Anoka.

A joint powers agreement that outlines the details of the proposed funding and cost sharing for this project will be presented to Council within the next few months.
Staff seeks Council feedback and direction regarding updates to the proposed 2019 street reconstruction program.

Cottonwood Street Drainage Concerns

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