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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 10/18/2018  
Subject:    PC 18-13 , PUD amendment and Final PUD site plan for self storage facility, E & R Investment 101st Ave and Foley Boulevard
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting an amendment to a PUD for a change of use from a restaurant to an indoor self storage facility and Final PUD site plan approval for said facility.  At the September 20th meeting, the Commission opened the public hearing and postponed action on this item to the October 18th meeting.  Prior to the meeting it was determined that for this application, or any other modification to the PUD to proceed, a zone change from LDR 2 to General Commercial is needed. This item will be considered concurrently with the proposed zone change.
Continue public hearing
Recommendation by Planning Commission
Decision City Council on: November 20
The applicant submitted this application on:  July 19

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City has extended the 60-day requirement to: November 29
The site is located at the southeast corner of 101st  Avenue and Foley Boulevard.
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Vacant General Commercial Planned Unit Development/ Low Density Residential 2
North 101st Avenue N/A N/A
South Apartments High Density Residential Planned Unit Development/ Low Density Residential 2
East Convenience store General Commercial Planned Unit Development/ Low Density Residential 2
West Foley Boulevard N/A N/A

In 1998, the City Council approved the preliminary Planned Unit Development for Washburn-Jensen LTD. The approval included a convenience store, an apartment building, a restaurant and an office building.  At that time, Council also approved the Final PUD for the Holiday Station Store.  In January 2002, Council approved the Final PUD for the 56 unit Northstar Ridge Apartments, and in 2006 they approved the four office buildings on Dogwood Street.  The remaining vacant site (proposed restaurant), is the subject parcel of this application.

Project Description

The applicant is proposing to construct a 100,800 square foot indoor self-storage facility on a 1.65 acre parcel.  The building will be four stories high (50 feet) and constructed of decorative precast panels, glass with metal canopies and composite metal panels.  No outdoor storage is proposed. There is a portion of an unused street, drainage and utility easement along 101st Avenue that will have to be vacated in order for this project to be constructed. The easement vacation process is separate from the PUD amendment.


Site Plan

The building is setback 12.5 feet from Foley Boulevard right-of-way. The actual street is approximately 90 feet from the property line. The building is setback 44 feet from the right-of-way for 101st Avenue, 26.5 feet from the apartment property line and 59 feet from the Holiday Station property line. Since this is a PUD, there are no specific minimum setback requirements. However, for comparison, the minimum setback requirements for the General Commercial district are 35 feet from street right-of-way, 25 feet from the apartment property line and 10 feet from the Holiday Station property line. The parking is setback 12 feet the Holiday Station property line. The General Commercial district requirement is five feet.

Parking and Access
The project will share two existing driveways with the Holiday Station. There is a right-in access only from 101st Avenue and a full access from Dogwood that is located to the rear of the Holiday store. The driveways were constructed to provide access to both the Holiday Store and the subject parcel. The access from 101st will be modified slightly to provide easier access into this site. The access from Dogwood will just be extended into the site. Twelve parking spaces are proposed along the east side of the building. City code does not provide direction for this type of facility. It has been the applicant's experience that projects similar to this have parking demands that range from 8 to 12 spaces. In addition to the 12 spaces, there are two indoor loading bays.

Grading, Drainage and Utilities
Grading, drainage and utility issues are addressed in the engineering memo.

Landscape Plan

The landscape plan includes landscaping along 101st  Avenue, in the median adjacent to Holiday, around the building and on the south and west sides where possible. The overstory and ornamental trees are oversized. Code requires 2.5" caliper overstrory trees, the plan includes 4" trees, and the code requires 1.5" caliper ornamental trees and the plan includes 2" trees. The larger trees will provide more of an immediate impact and help mitigate the mass of the building.

Along 101st Avenue, the plan includes a mix of four overstory trees, two ornamental trees and two evergreens.  The tree mix includes maples, oaks, spruce and crabapple trees. They are spread across the area between the building and 101st Avenue. Because of the wide right-of-way for 101st Avenue, the overstory trees cannot be planted up along the road.

There is a median between the existing Holiday parking lot and the proposed parking lot for this project. The plan includes shrubs clustered at the south end, the center and on the north end of the median and 12 ornamental trees planted the length of the median.

Plantings along the east side of the building include foundation shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials. One overstory tree is located at the north end and four are located at the south end.

Landscaping on the south end of the building is limited because of the stormwater infiltration basin located there. Four ornamental trees are proposed near the southwest corner of the building as well as foundation plantings. A larger stormwater infiltration basin also limts landscaping along the west side of the building. The canopies of the existing trees in the Foley Boulevard right-of-way extend over onto the site. These trees provide a buffer/screen for the building but are not under the control of the applicant. Without cutting back the tree canopies, planting new trees on the project site would be difficult. Once more detailed survey work is completed and the exact location of the trees is determined, the applicant has agreed to adjust the landscape plan accordingly and place additional overstory trees where possible. One overstory tree is currently proposed next to the jog in the building near the northwest corner. Foundation plantings also wrap around the corner of the building.

Building Elevations

The proposed building is four stories; the building height to the top of the parapet is 51 feet. At 51 feet, the building will be the tallest at the intersection. For comparison, the medical building at the northwest corner is two stories and 32 feet high at the top of the parapet, Northstar Ridge Aparments have three stories and are about 40 feet high at the top of the gabled roof. The building's scale and mass is broken up by the mix of building materials, windows and canopies. Jogs in the horizontal plane of the building also provide relief. Glass overhead doors provide access to the interior loading area, and the building's entrance are both located on the east side of the building.

The building's exterior consists of precast panels with different finishes, composite metal panels and windows. There are three different colors of stained precast panels distributed on all four sides of the building. The colors are grey, dark brown, beige and light brown. The dark brown panels are indented and break up the facade in a manner similar to windows. The mix of colors provide interest, help break up the mass of the building and make up 54% of the exterior building material. The stamped precast panels are colored and stamped to look like brick. They form the base of the building, extend around the windows and consist of 34% of the exterior building material.

Windows are also located strategically to make the building look less like a warehouse and more like an office building. Windows are located on the north, west and east sides of the building. The windows on the north side of the building include an aluminum shade or canopy that adds interest to that side. Canopies are also located over the loading doors and the building entrance located on the east side of the building.  

Park Dedication

Park dedication for this PUD was paid at the time the other buildings were constructed (i.e. Holiday Station Store, apartments and office building).  However, park dedication has not been paid for this parcel. Prior to releasing the building permit, a park dedication fee in the amount of $8,250 ($5,000 per acre X 1.65 acres) must be paid.


Since this is a PUD, wall signage is included in the approval of the exterior building elevations. The applicant is proposing wall signs on the south, east and west elevations. The sign location on the south elevation is visable from Highway 10, the west elevation from Foley Boulevard and the east elevation from 101st Avenue. No freestanding sign is proposed. The wall signs will require separate sign permits.
In Planning Case 18-13, staff recommends approval of the proposed PUD amandment and Final PUD site plan with the following conditions:
  1. Compliance with Title 11.
  2. All engineering comments are addressed.
  3. All Anoka County Highway Department comments are addressed.
  4. All MNDoT comments are addressed.
  5. Park dedication in the amount of $8,250 ($5,000 per acre x 1.65 acres) be paid prior to releasing the building permit.
  6. The partial vacation of a street, drainage and utility easement along 101st Avenue must be approved prior to the issuance of a building permit.
  7. Once more detailed survey work is completed and the exact location of the trees is determined, the applicant has agreed to adjust the landscape plan accordingly and place additional overstory trees where possible.
  8. The applicant will contact the Anoka County Highway Department regarding selective cutting of trees along the property line.
  9. The zone change from Low Density Residential 2/PUD to General Commercial/PUD is approved.

Location Map
Site Plan
Grading Plan
Utility Plan
Landscape Plan
Landscape Details
Building Elevations
Building Perspective Views
Applicant's Narrative
Industry Overview
Industry Overview
Engineering Comments

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