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  HRA Regular Session - 6:50 p.m.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Coon Rapids City Center
Council Chambers
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Adopt Agenda
1.   Oaths of Office for New Police Officers  
Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting 
2.   Approve Minutes of December 5, 2017  
Consent Agenda
3.   Approve Therapeutic Massage Enterprise License for My Massage, 12685 Riverdale Blvd  
4.   Accept Informational Item: Corporate Officer Changes for Business Licenses  
5.   Adopt Resolution 17-130 Accepting Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) Grant Funding  
6.   Adopt Resolution 17-133 Requesting Conveyance of Tax Forfeit Property, 9920 Olive St.  
7.   Approve Final Payment for Project 17-13 Trail Improvements  
8.   Adopt Resolution 17-136 Amending the 2018 Budget for Fridley Prosecution Agreement  
9.   Receive Report from CRMAF Board of Directors  
10.   Concur with CRMAF Board of Directors Recommendations  
11.   Accept Easements from Rick Beyer Construction, LLC  
12.   Consider Agreement with the Joint Law Enforcement Council for Fire Records System Manager and Adopt Resolution 17-139 Amending 2018 Budget  
13.   Approve Bid Process for Purchase of Portable Stage  
Public Hearing
14.   Hold Public Hearing and Consider Authorizing Application for 2018 Community Development Block Grant Program  
15.   Hold Public Hearing and Consider Adoption of Ordinance 2202 Revising the Utility Franchise Fee  
Bid Openings and Contract Awards
Old Business
16.   PC 17-33: Consider Adoption of Ordinance 2201 Modifying Square Footage Requirements for Garage/Storage Space in the LDR Districts  
New Business
17.   PC17-24: Consider Appeal of Planning Commission Decision Regarding Revised Building Elevations, Sutton Honda, Gateway Commerce Center  
18.   Accept Feasibility Report and Order Public Hearing and Assessment Hearing for Street Reconstruction - Project 18-1  
19.   Accept Feasibility Report and Order Public Hearing and Assessment Hearing for Street Reconstruction - Project 18-2  
20.   Consider Resolution No. 17-27(9) Awarding Contract for Hanson Water Tower Rehabilitation  
21.   Consider Resolution 17-137 Approving MnDOT Agency Agreement for Federal Participation in Construction  
22.   Consider Resolution 17-131 Approving Year End Budget Appropriations  
23.   Consider Resolution 17-129 Approving Legislation Pertaining to TIF District 6-1 and Resolution 17-134 for Public Hearing to Modify TIF District 6-1  
24.   Consider Resolution 17-135 Pleasure Creek Drainage District  
25.   Consider Resolution 17-132 Approving 2018 Compensation Plan for Unrepresented Employees  
Open Mic/Public Comment
Reports on Previous Open Mic
Other Business

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