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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/07/2018  
Subject:    Consider Purchase of Water Tanker Truck for Parks
From: Sharon Legg, Finance Director

Staff is recommending the purchase of a 2018 Water Tanker Truck for the Parks Department.
Funds in the amount of $170,115 to replace Unit 117, a 2001 Sterling water truck, are included in the Capital Equipment Fund.  The 2018 Budget includes a trade-in value estimated at $30,000. 

At this time, the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is recommending the purchase of a replacement unit.  The cost of the new Unit 117 is anticipated to be $146,758 not including estimated registration tax of $10,000 for the unit.  The tanker truck chassis will be purchased from Allstate Peterbilt, a state contract vendor in the amount of $88,123. The tank will be purchased from Ruffridge-Johnson Equipment Co., Inc in an amount of  $58,635. Ruffridge-Johnson will install the tank on the chassis.

The existing Unit 117 has 26,000 miles.  Although the miles are low given it stays in the City, the vehicle is heavily corroded on the truck chassis, the water tank and the associated plumbing. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor is recommending the City advertise the old truck for sale on GovDeals.  Historically, the City has seen a higher return compared to standard trade-ins by utilizing this process. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor estimates to receive $12,000 to $16,000 (conservative estimate) for the unit as compared to the $30,000 estimated at budget time due to market changes and added deterioration of the unit.

The truck is used to flood skating rinks and provide water for park/trail maintenance in the summer.

Staff is recommending the purchase of a 2018 tanker truck under the state contract totaling $146,758, exclusive of tax and advertising the existing 2001 Sterling tanker truck on GovDeals for sale.

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