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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/07/2018  
Subject:    Approve Special Assessment Agreement, Kathleen Rustad, 12965 Raven Street NW
From: Kristin DeGrande, Neighborhood Coordinator

Staff requests the City pay for and assess the cost of a dumpster to the property taxes at 12965 Raven Street NW. This will assist the property owner in complying with City Code Sections 12-306, 12-300-7 and 12-307.
On December 13, 2017, the Coon Rapids Police Department was contacted by Anoka County with concerns about the living conditions at 12965 Raven Street NW.  The following day, staff from Coon Rapids Fire, Police and Housing Inspections made contact with the property owner and conducted an inspection of the property.  It was determined that there was excessive interior storage and unsanitary conditions in the home making the home unsafe and uninhabitable.  

City staff worked with the property owner to establish a plan and a timeline to remedy the living conditions and bring the home into compliance.  She was able to make some immediate progress but is in need of a dumpster in order to effectively reduce the volume of storage in the home.  The homeowner does not have the financial means and is in need of financial assistance to pay for the dumpster.  The anticipated cost of this dumpster is $499.  An agreement has been drafted by the City and signed by both the City and the homeowner to pay for the cost of the dumpster which will then be assessed to her property taxes.  Agreements such as this have been used in a handful of similar excessive storage cases to pay for needed dumpster and/or related clean up costs.

Ordering this dumpster will allow the property owner to bring her home into compliance in a timely manner, and currently is on schedule to have compliance by the middle of February.
Approve the agreement which will assess the cost of a dumpster to property address 12965 Raven Street NW.


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