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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 03/06/2018  
Subject:    PC 18-2: Consider Approval of the Preliminary Plat and Resolution 18-39 Granting Final Plat Approval for Minnesota Park Third Addition
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The City is proposing a preliminary and final plat to subdivide .72 acres into 2 lots and right-of-way. One lot will be for future development the other will be combined with an abutting property.
The City is proposing to plat excess land that was left over when 101st Avenue was realigned and reconstructed. The property was originally platted as Lot 1, Block 2, Minnesota Park in 1950. The lot was acquired by the City in the 1980's for the reconstruction of 101st Avenue.

The total area being platted is 31,618 square feet (.726 acres). The property is being platted into two lots and right-of-way for 101st Avenue. Lot 1 is a buildable lot located at the corner of 101st Avenue and Cottonwood Street and will be sold as a single family home site. The lot complies with the dimensional requirements of the LDR 2 zoning district. Lot 1 is 93 feet wide, 161 feet deep and 14,159 square feet in area. Sanitary sewer and water will be provided to Lot 1 from Cottonwood Street. The second lot is an outlot. Oulot A is an unbuildable lot that will be combined with an adjacent parcel. The lot is wedge shaped, 1,552 square feet in area, with frontage on 101st Avenue. It abuts Lot 1 and the neighboring twin home property to the east. The third component of the plat is right-of-way for 101st Avenue. The right-of-way is 15,907 square feet.

The city has a verbal agreement with the abutting twin home owner to the east to purchase Outlot A and combine it with her property. Should that agreement not be finalized and executed within a reasonable time period, the City reserves the right to combine Outlot A with Lot 1.  In that case, an existing fence on the adjacent property would need to be relocated.  That was one of the reasons why the plat was proposed in the first place.

Planning Commission Meeting

At the Planning Commission meeting held on February 15th, no one spoke at the public hearing. Staff explained to the Commission that staff had discussions with the adjacent property owner regarding purchasing Outlot A. The Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the proposed plat.
In Planning Case 18-2, the Council approve the preliminary plat and approve Resolution 18-39 granting final plat approval for Minnesota Park Third Addition with the following condition:
  1. Outlot A must be combined with one of the abutting properties.

Location Map
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat
Resolution 18-39

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