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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 03/06/2018  
Subject:    Approve Amended Final Payment for Project 16-3, Street Reconstruction - MSA North Area - Vendor ID 100986
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Engineering recommends amending final payment to C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc. for Project 16-3, Street Reconstruction.
City Council approved final payment of $108,202.54 on February 20, 2018. It was then discovered that an outdated payment estimate was signed by the Contractor. An updated final pay request is attached, and the correct summary of Project 16-3 is as follows:
Contract completion date 9/30/16
Substantial completion date 9/16/16
Final completion date 10/14/16
Contract amount $1,942,263.05
Total additions/deletions $40,536.01
Final contract amount $1,982,799.06
Actual project costs $1,962,616.63
Less:  previous payments by City ($1,852,719.33)
Amount due $109,897.30
Amount under final contract $20,182.43
The changes were for relocation and reconnection of existing sanitary sewer services, as well as additional watermain fittings, excavation of poor soils and Vac truck services.  The actual project costs remain less than the final contract amount due to less work performed than actual bid; a payment of $1,694.76 is requested to finalize the project.
Staff recommends approval of amended final payment to C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc. in the amount of $1,694.76 for Project 16-3, Street Reconstruction.

Amended Final Pay Request

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