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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 03/06/2018  
Subject:    Consider Resolution No. 17-12(9) Awarding Contract for 2018 Park Improvements, and Approve Construction Administration Contracts and Direct Purchases
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

As part of the Park Bond Referendum, Crooked Lake and Riverwind Parks were approved by Council for redevelopment in 2018. Council is requested to review construction bids received and award a contract for the 2018 Park Improvements projects, along with accompanying direct purchases and a construction administration contract.
Crooked Lake and Riverwind Parks were identified as the next park referendum projects, with construction to occur this year. An open house was held in the Council Chambers on January 9, 2017, and the concepts and comments were reviewed by the Park & Rec Commission. Based upon public feedback and input from the Commission, the concept drawings were refined and presented to City Council on June 20, 2017. Design service agreements, submitted by WSB, were approved along with the updated concepts. The final project plans and specifications were approved on February 7, 2018. The project was advertised February 9 and 16, and bids were received on February 27, 2018. Council is asked to consider the bids and award a construction contract.

In addition to the base construction project, two bid alternates were requested. Alternate A includes a mill and overlay of the existing parking lot that will remain at Crooked Lake, and Alternate B consists of reclaiming and repaving the existing bituminous trail to the north of Riverwind.

The engineers estimate for construction was $1,906,650 for the base bid and $1,987,170 for the total bid. Following is a summary of the public bids received for the site improvements:
Contractor Base Bid Alt. A Alt. B Total Bid
Custom Builders Inc. $1,654,194.65 $16,896.40 $26,625.50 $1,697,716.55
Peterson Companies $1,745,075.72 $22,238.80 $34,560.00 $1,801,874.52
New Look Contracting Inc. $1,821,790.69 $17,808.00 $32,100.00 $1,871,698.69
Sunram Construction Inc. $1,855,921.85 $19,292.00 $29,675.00 $1,904,888.85
GL Contracting Inc. $1,963,536.07 $19,122.40 $32,096.80 $2,017,032.45
Blackstone Construction, Inc. $2,263,875.00 $17,808.00 $30,130.00 $2,311,813.00

Staff recommends Council consider award of a contract that includes Alternates A & B with the base bid. The low bidder, Custom Builders Inc., has completed similar projects of this nature in the City with satisfactory results. If awarded, a preconstruction meeting will be scheduled soon to allow the contractor ample time to secure prefabricated facilities (restroom and picnic shelters) so they will be available for installation prior to the end of the year. Construction is planned to begin as soon as feasible this spring, and substantial completion of the project is anticipated to be in the fall of 2018.

Additionally, direct-purchase quotes were solicited for playground equipment at both parks with a base budget of $135,000. Five vendors responded to the request for quotes, and those designs were reviewed by staff and the Park & Rec Commission. Northland Recreation was selected as the best design for the project budget based upon adherence to the specifications (play structure component layout and sizes, material fit within the project space, and aesthetics). Following approval of the design additional safety and ADA accessible pads were added in select locations at both parks, which increased the overall cost of the direct purchase for playground equipment to $149,404.

Since Crooked Lake Park is contained within the Connexus Energy service area, staff solicited a proposal for site lighting (similar to what was done at Sand Creek and Riverview Parks).  Connexus is agreeable to providing, installing, owning, and maintaining the outdoor site lighting components as shown on the the attached outdoor lighting quote and Energy and Maintenance Agreement ($48,985.75). Minor lighting and electrical services within the structures to be located in the parks will be handled by the general contractor, and Riverwind will also be included in the site improvement construction contract and be the City's responsibility to maintain.

Finally, due to workload constraints and limited expertise in some of the services being provided, staff also seeks construction administration assistance from WSB for the project. The attached proposals outlines the scope of services provided under the agreement for each park.  While certain elements will require expertise beyond staff experience (structural & electrical review, and material testing), savings will be realized by City staff performing day to day oversight and inspections.
Staff recommends that the City Council take the following actions:
  1. Adopt Resolution 17-12(9) awarding a contract to Custom Builders Inc., including the base bid and Alternates A and B, in the amount of $1,697,716.55
  2. Authorize staff to issue purchase orders for the direct purchase and installation of playground equipment by Northland Recreation in the amount of $149,404.00
  3. Approve the Outdoor Lighting New Construction quote and Energy and Maintenance Agreement provided by Connexus Energy for Crooked Lake Park in the amount of $48,985.75
  4. Authorize staff to execute construction administration contracts/Letters of Engagement with WSB & Associates, Inc. in the amount of $67,866 for Crooked Lake Park and $62,612 for Riverwind Park

This project is proposed to be funded by the park bond referendum and it is anticipated to be within the allotted budget for these improvements. The 2018 Park Improvement Fund (794) includes designated funding in the amount of $1,900,000 for construction and $200,000 for design and administration. Following is a budget breakdown for the 2018 Park Improvements (Project 17-19):
Custom Builders Site Improvements $1,697,716.55
Northland Recreation Playgrounds $149,404.00
Connexus Energy Crooked Lake Site Lighting $48,985.75
WSB & Associates Project Design and Admin. $288,220.00
PROJECT TOTAL $2,184,326.30

It is anticipated that the $84,000 funding gap will be recovered within the design and/or construction admin. line item, as design services appears to be coming in under budget and City staff will be handling portions of the construction administration responsibilities. Should a minor gap remain at project conclusion, it will be handled with supplemental funding from budgeted misc. park and/or trail improvements dollars.
Resolution No. 17-12(9)
Crooked Lake Site Plan
Riverwind Site Plan
Crooked Lake Playground Rendering
Riverwind Playground Rendering
Connexus Agreement
Crooked Lake Construction Admin Proposal
Riverwind Construction Admin Proposal

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