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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/17/2018  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 18-46 Requesting Advance of State Aid Funding for the 2018 Street Reconstruction Program
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II


City staff is preparing for the 2018 construction season, and is proposing to reconstruct approximately 0.56 miles of Municipal State Aid (MSA) streets as part of this program.  Due to the continuance of our aggressive street reconstruction program, we need to request advance funding through MnDOT to cover the costs.  Essentially, we are borrowing ahead from the City's MSA construction funds.  The City receives approximately $2M of dedicated funds per year for construction and maintenance of our MSA roadway system, but since a majority of these funds have been previously advanced to cover the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 programs, we are requesting another advance for 2018.  Council is asked to consider staff's request to adopt the attached resolution seeking advanced funding from MnDOT for MSA street reconstruction in 2018.

Each year, the City receives approximately $2M from the State gas tax (administered through MnDOT), which is deposited into the City's MSA street fund.  These funds are available for construction of MSA streets within the City, including the City's share of County State Aid Highway projects.  To continue improving the condition of our collector street system, staff is proposing to reconstruct approximately 0.56 miles of MSA streets in 2018.  If approved by the State, these advance funds totaling $4M will be available for use by the City in 2018, interest free.  Currently the City is about one year ahead in our advance funding requests, so improvements considered in future years will require additional advances.

MSA streets proposed for reconstruction in 2018 are listed below and shown on the attached map:
  • Riverdale Drive from West City Limit to Northdale Boulevard (SAP 114-148-001)
  • Northdale Boulevard from Riverdale Drive to Round Lake Boulevard (SAP 114-148-001)
  • Anoka County Hanson Boulevard Grade Separation Project (City Share) (SAP 114-020-051)
There are also other outstanding MSA costs that will be coming due, including maintenance activities. The City has successfully used this advance funding program in the past, and staff will continue tracking our dedicated fund allotments in the future, along with potential projects, to ensure adequate funding will be available in future years to cover anticipated costs.
Staff recommends Council adopt Resolution No. 18-46, requesting advance MSA funding for the 2018 street reconstruction program.

Resolution No. 18-46 MSA Advance
2018 State Aid Project Map

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