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Board of Adjustment and Appeals - Regular Session
Meeting Date: 04/05/2018  
Subject:    Case 18-12V Special Assessment Objection, John Arndt, 10283 Mississippi Blvd NW, 21-31-24-42-0095
From: Trevor White

An unpaid penalty in the amount of $300.00 associated with code enforcement activity against the subject property is proposed to be assessed to the property.  The property owner has filed an objection to the assessment.
The following chronology relates to actions and procedures leading to the special assessment in this matter. 

On 08/09/2017, an Administrative Citation was issued for long grass and/or weeds exceeding eight inches in height, the maximum allowed by City Code.  The citation established a compliance date of 08/16/2017.  The citation was posted at the property and a courtesy letter was mailed to the owner of record (different address).

On 08/22/2017, the property was re-inspected and the grass had not been cut.  Since compliance was not achieved, the $300.00 penalty was charged and an abatement order was issued to the City’s mowing crew to mow the property.

On 08/25/2017, it was noted that the grass had been cut before the City’s mowing crew arrived.

The property owner references a 30% standard in his appeal.  At no time has the City ever required only 70% of yards to be in compliance with City Code.  If any portion of the yard is found to have grass and/or weeds taller than 8" tall, the property is considered to be in violation and would therefore be cited.

Penalty charged: $300.00
In Case 18-12V, it is requested the Board of Adjustment and Appeals recommend the City Council affirm the $300.00 special assessment in its entirety.

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