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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/03/2018  
Subject:    Vacation of Watermain Easement (Aldi)
Submitted For: David Brodie From: Kim Reid, Administrative Legal Assistant

On March 6, 2016, Council adopted Resolution 18-47 to consider the vacation of a watermain easement and order a public hearing for Tract B, Registered Land Survey No. 232.
Aldi is proposing to expand and remodel the front entrance.  As part of the remodel/expansion project, a segment of their private water service line needs to be relocated further away from the expanded building area.  This water service line currently exists within a 20-foot wide drainage and utility easement.  A new 20-foot wide drainage and utility easement must be re-established over the relocated water line segment.  Aldi will provide such an easement to the City for the relocated water line segment.  The easement allows the City access to the water service line for public safety purposes.  On March 6, 2018, Council adopted Resolution Number 18-47 to consider vacation of the watermain easement.  All utilities have been notified and there are no objections.  The process for vacating an easement under the City's charter requires a public hearing and passage of a resolution.
Council is asked to conduct a public hearing and adopt Resolution 18-52 vacating a watermain easement for Tract B, Registered Land Survey No. 232

Resolution 18-52
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