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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/17/2018  
Subject:    Consider Resolution No. 18-9(8) Accepting Plans and Specifications for 2018 Well Rehabilitation, and Authorizing Solicitation of Bids
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Staff is seeking acceptance of plans and specifications, and authorization to bid the 2018 Well Rehabilitation project.
At its regular meeting held February 7, 2018, City Council approved SEH's proposal to continue a regular rotation for rehabilitation of the City's 24 wells and nine booster pumps. The 2018 program will focus on Well Nos. 4, 5 and 6, and Booster Pump No. 1 located at the East Water Treatment Plant. The scope of SEH's proposal includes professional engineering design, bidding and construction administration, and inspections services. At this time, Council is asked to accept plans and specifications for 2018 Well Rehabilitation, and authorize solicitation of bids.

The project schedule is as follows:
Draft Advertisement to City for packets 4/10/18
Council considers Plans and Authorize Advertisement 4/17/18
OPEN on Quest CDN Website 4/19/18
Anoka County Union Herald
            Deadline:          Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m.
            Publish:            Friday
4/20/18 & 4/27/18
Finance & Commerce
            Deadline:          Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m.
            Publish:            Thursday

4/19/18 & 4/26/18
Pre-Bid Meeting 10 a.m. 5/2/18
Bid Date 5/10/18 - 10:00 a.m.
Submit Award Documents 5/10/18
Council Considers Award of Contract 5/15/18
Start Construction June 2018
Substantially Complete September 2018
This year's program will be slightly different than past well rehab projects as the work will be split into two separate contracts to be managed concurrently. Staff believes splitting the overall project will result in better pricing, as it will entice additional interest from separate contractors that perform differing specialty work.

Contract A - Rehabilitation of Well Nos. 4, 5 & 6
This work is generally performed by a well contractor working within the well casing and on the associated pumps, and typically includes limited mechanical work.  Since these are all system wells, and the current maintenance records are favorable, it is anticipated that the existing variable frequency drives (VFDs) can remain in place for another maintenance cycle.

Contract B  - East WTP, Booster Pump #1
This work is generally performed by a mechanical contractor on the upgrades to internal piping within the facility, and includes the replacement of booster pump #1. Pump 1 is recommend for replacement in order to upgrade to stainless steel impellers and systems, which will result in reduced future maintenance costs associated with chlorination-related deterioration to the existing lead-free bronze system. Demolition and piping prep work would also occur on pump #2 so it can be easily repaired/replaced with a future rehab project.

Plans and specifications are available for review in the City Engineer's office.
Staff recommends that the City Council adopt Resolution No. 18-9(8) accepting plans and specifications for 2018 Well Rehabilitation, and authorize the solicitation of bids.

The 2017 Water Utility Fund budget allocated $385,000 for this project, and the anticipated costs will be within this funding amount.
Project Locations
Resolution No. 18-9(8)

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