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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/15/2018  
Subject:    Consider Resolutions No.17-28(9) Awarding Contract for Riverwalk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation & No.18-68 Amending the 2018 Sanitary Sewer Budget
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

The City is proposing to improve several segments of a 42-inch diameter sewer pipe and ancillary manholes in conjunction with a Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) lift station improvement project. SEH Inc. and staff completed plans, advertised the project April 6 and 13, and received bids on April 25, 2018. Council is asked to award a contract at this time.  This project was not included in the 2018 adopted budget so council is asked to also approve amending the 2018 Sanitary Sewer Fund budget.
The proposed improvements are shown on the Project Location Graphic and comprises the full rehabilitation of approximately 1,100 feet of 42-inch pipe and several manholes in the Riverwalk area. The advertisement for bids was published on April 6 and 13, 2018, and bids were opened April 25. A summary of bids is as follows:

Lametti & Sons, Inc. $1,111,700.00
Minger Construction Co, Inc. $1,138,709.25
Geislinger & Sons, Inc. $1,305,021.00

The Engineer's Estimate for the project was $775,500. The low bidder, Lametti & Sons, Inc., has successfully completed similar projects throughout the metro area. Pending award of the contract, the work is anticipated to begin in June and be completed in October.

The cooperative agreement with MCES is currently being finalized for items that are being completed on separate projects within the same area. This agreement will outline such things as access, construction coordination, and cost sharing.  Once completed, it will be brought forward for Council consideration.

The cost of the project will be amortized over 75 years but was not included in the 2018 budget. 
Staff recommends adoption of:
  •  Resolution No. 17-28(9) awarding a contract to Lametti & Sons, Inc. in the amount of $1,111,700 for the Riverwalk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project.
  • Resolution No. 18-68 Amending the 2018 Sanitary Sewer Fund in the amount of $1,111,700.

Res 17-28(9)
Res. 18-68 Amend Sewer Budget

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