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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 05/17/2018  
Subject:    PC 18-6. Ordinance Amendment to modify the requirement for attaching accessory structures to adjacent other structures
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The City is proposing to eliminate the requirement that if an accessory structures larger than 120 square feet is within five feet of another structure, it must be attached to that structure.
Conduct a public hearing
Recommendation by Planning Commission
Introduction by City Council on: June 5th
Current code requires that, "an accessory structure larger than 120 square feet of floor area so located such that any of its walls is within five feet of a wall of any other structure must be attached to and made structurally part of the other structure". At the time this was implemented, it was consistent with the building code. Since then, the building code has been updated and the requirement of combining accessory structures with adjacent structures is no longer in effect. The prior building code did not include standards for openings, doors and windows in a residential setting. The technology has advanced and the new code now has residential standards for openings; therefore, the proximity requirement is no longer necessary.

In our effort to bring consistency between the building code and accessory structure requirements when possible, staff is proposing to eliminate the requirement of attaching an accessory structure to other structures in close proximity. This requirement is found in two sections of Title 11, Section 11-601.7(2) and Section 11-1207.2(6). Section 11-601 is the Residential Districts section and 11-1207 is in the General District Standards section.

There is also a housekeeping change to Section 11-1207.2(6)(f). This clause calls for concrete slabs for accessory structures 120 square feet or larger. This will be changed to apply to accessory structures larger than 200 square feet. This change is needed so that Section 11-1207.2(6)(f)  is consistent with current language found in Section 11-601.7(3).
In Planning Case 18-6, the Commission move to recommend approval of the proposed ordinance amendment regard accessory structures.

Draft Ordinance

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