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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/15/2018  
Subject:    Consider Resolution 18-67, Amending Budget for a Mower
From: Sharon Legg, Finance Director

Staff is recommending a budget amendment for the purchase of a zero turn mower for the golf course.
Staff is recommending amending the 2018 Golf budget for the purchase of a zero turn mower in the amount of $4,850 which includes sales tax.  Funds in the amount of $5,000 are available in capital outlay since a rough mower purchased earlier this year came in under budget.  This zero turn mower is needed due to the slope of the new bunkers.  Without this mower, the bunker sides would need to be cut with a push mower and labor intensive.  This purchase was going to be requested for 2019, but staff is requesting to purchase the mower this year due to the reasons stated.

Because capital outlay purchases must specifically be identified and funded per City Code 2-803, staff is recommending the budget in the Golf Fund be amended to purchase the zero turn mower.
Staff is recommending City Council authorize RS 18-67 Amending the 2018 Golf Fund Budget for the purchase of a new zero turn mower in the amount of $4,850.

RS 18-67

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