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  Council Work Session - 6:30 p.m.
HRA Regular Session - 6:55 p.m.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Coon Rapids City Center
Council Chambers
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Adopt Agenda
1.   Oaths of Office for Two New Police Officers  
Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting 
2.   Approve Minutes of May 16, 2017  
Consent Agenda
3.   Adopt Resolution 17-60 Amending 2017 Budget to Purchase Inspection Vehicle  
4.   Accept Right of Entry Agreement from JWR Dealership Real Estate, LLC for their Evergreen Boulevard Location  
5.   Approve Final payment for Project 16-6, 2016 Sanitary Sewer Lining  
6.   Approve Waiver of Fees for Fourth of July Celebration  
7.   Adopt Resolution 17-64 Amending Budget for Prep Refrigerator  
8.   Adopt Resolution 17-61 Approving Police Union Health Care Savings Plan  
9.   Adopt Resolution 17-59 Approving Public Works Health Care Savings Plan  
Public Hearing
Bid Openings and Contract Awards
10.   Consider Resolution No. 17-11(9) Awarding Contract for Coon Rapids Blvd - Egret Blvd Trail Expansion  
Old Business
New Business
11.   Consider Resolution No. 14-26(8) Accepting Plans and Specifications for Boulevard Park, and Authorizing Solicitation of Bids  
12.   Consider Resolution No. 16-16(9) Awarding Contract for Public Works Parking Lot Expansion  
13.   Consider Resolution No. 17-10(9) Awarding Contract for Coon Rapids Blvd Ext Trail  
14.   Consider Approval of Master Contracting Agreements for Citywide Miscellaneous Repairs  
15.   PC 17-4 Consider Introduction of an Ordinance Amendment Increasing Maximum Square Footage for an Accessory Structure in the LDR Districts  
16.   PC 17-11: Consider Approval of Glass Exterior Material Exceeded 35% of Elevation, 10541 Woodcrest Dr., Coon Rapids Chrysler  
17.   Consider Adoption of Resolution 17-62 Approving the 2017 - 2018 Police Sergeants Labor Agreement  
18.   Consider Splash Pad Equipment Expenditure for Boulevard Park (14-26)  
19.   Consider Resolution 17-65 and Resolution 17-66 Redeeming Certain GO Improvement Bonds Series 2008A and 2010B  
Open Mic/Public Comment
Reports on Previous Open Mic
Other Business

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