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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 07/05/2017  
Subject:    Consider Resolution 17-23(9) Awarding Contract for Coon Rapids Boulevard & Main Street Lighting Project
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

At its regular meeting held May 16, 2017, the City Council approved plans and specifications and authorized the advertisement of bids for the Coon Rapids Boulevard & Main Street Lighting Project (City project 17-23) . This portion of the project is for the direct purchase of the lighting assemblies (poles, fixtures, etc.). Bids were opened June 22, 2017, and Council is requested to award a contract at this time.
City staff is proposing to replace existing streetlights along segments of two prominent corridors in the City; Main Street and Coon Rapids Boulevard. This project was discussed with the City Council in work session on several occasions in 2016 (August 3rd, October 4th, and November 29th), and several options were reviewed before selecting the final fixture design.  

The Main Street corridor, comprised of the segment between Round Lake Blvd and the Highway 10 interchange, will include the entire lighting assembly (poles, fixtures, etc.) to be placed on the existing bases and utilize existing wiring. Replacement of the Coon Rapids Boulevard corridor, comprised of the segment between Highway 47 and 93rd Ave/Flintwood Street, will include the entire system; lighting assemblies, bases, wiring, etc. During specification development and discussions with the Council, the attached detail was selected for both corridors and is the basis for the bid documents. The add alternates included in the specifications are for the inclusion of integral banner arms and electric receptacles.

The advertisement for bids was published June 2 and 9, and two bids were opened on June 22. A summary of bids is as follows:

Vendor Main Street Coon Rapids Boulevard Alt. Banner Arms Alt. GFI Receptacle
Lighten Up, Inc. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Protek Lighting Solutions, LLC $250,290.00 $89,960.00 $265.00/set $175.00/each
Engineer's Estimate $345,000.00 $110,000.00 $290.00/set $225.00/each

The bid received from Lighten Up, Inc. did not meet the project specifications for a few criteria: the photometric calculations did not meet project requirements (inadequate lighting across the entire roadway), it did not provide information on any recent comparable projects, and it cannot be verified that the product they are proposing is a general stock item that is readily available.  Additionally, they were not able to produce a mockup of their proposed lighting assembly for review.  For these reasons their bid is considered incomplete and has been rejected.

The lone qualifying bid is below the engineer's estimate for the project and the bidder, Protek Lighting Solutions, is proposing to use the exact products previously reviewed by the City Council in numerous work sessions and was the basis for the project specifications.  Protek Lighting Solutions has done work within the City on other projects and is qualified to provide and meet the project specifications.

As a reminder, this portion of the project is for the direct purchase of the lighting assemblies. A subsequent contract for installation will be required upon award of this work, and will be brought back to the City Council for consideration.

It is recommended the City Council adopt Resolution No. 17-23(9) awarding contract for the Coon Rapids Boulevard & Main Street Lighting Project to Protek Lighting Solutions, LLC.

Council is also asked to provide direction on whether they are interested in accepting either of the bid alternates for banner arm assemblies and/or electrical receptacles to be integral to the poles.  These options are for both projects and can be tailored to fit our desires; not an all or nothing proposition.

Funding for the Main Street corridor is proposed to come from the Riverdale Area Fund, and Coon Rapids Boulevard would be funded with pooled TIF.
Specified Streetlight
Resolution No. 17-23(9)

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