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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 07/05/2017  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 17-74, Amending Budget for Prep Refrigerator
Submitted For: Sharon Legg From: Dalton Larson

Council is being asked to approve a budget amendment for the golf course restaurant for a replacement prep refrigerator.  The item has not been included in the 2017 Budget but is needed as soon as possible due to failure of the existing refrigerator.
Staff is recommending the purchase of a prep refrigerator at the golf course restaurant.  The estimated cost to replace it will be roughly $7,500.  This item will be amortized over five years.  This unit is the second refrigerator that has failed at Kendall's.  Previously, council approved a similar purchase in June 2017.  This unit is slightly larger and more expensive. However, Boelter Premier has offered a $1,050 discount for previously purchasing the last refrigerator from them.   

Because capital outlay purchases must specifically be identified and funded per City Code 2-803, staff is recommending the budget in the Golf Fund be amended to purchase the replacement vehicle.  A vote of at least four members of the Council is required to amend the budget.
Staff recommends authorization of Resolution 17-74, Amending the 2017 Golf budget for the purchase of a replacement prep refrigerator.

Res 17-74

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