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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 07/20/2017  
Subject:    PC 17-16, Site plan for 2 retail buildings, 3550 124th Ave., Amcon
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting site plan approval for two retail buildings. The buildings are proposed to be located in the far north end  in what is currently the Home Depot parking lot. We are awaiting the results of a traffic study that will assess current and proposed access and circulation in the area around the project site. Staff is recommending the project be postponed the the August 17th meeting pending the results of the study. The current plans are being presented for Commission and public review and feedback.
Public hearing continued from June 15th meeting
Decision by Planning Commission
Appeal to City Council Available

The applicant submitted this application on:  May 8

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City extended the 60-day period to: September 5, 2017
The property is located at 3550 124th Avenue.
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Home Improvement Store General Commercial General Commercial
North Commercial Buildings General Commercial General Commercial
South Burlington Northern Railroad tracks Rail N/A
East Commercial Buildings General Commercial General Commercial
West Commercial Buildings General Commercial General Commercial
The applicant is proposing to construct two retail buildings on an under utilized portion of the Home Depot parking lot. Building 1 is 7,480 square feet and Building 2 is 8400 square feet. The buildings are placed next to each other with courtyard/patio between them. At this point the proposed mix of uses includes two restaurants, a coffee shop and five retail spaces. Building 1 includes two retail spaces and a restaurant; Building 2 includes the coffee shop with a drive-thru, three retail spaces and a restaurant. The proposed buildings will share the parking field located between Home Depot and the new buildings.

In a corresponding application, the applicant is also requesting preliminary plat approval to create three lots out of the existing Home Depot parcel, one lot for each of the new retail buildings and one for Home Depot. 
Site Plan Criteria
Required Finding - Chapter 11-325 - General Requirements for All Site Plans Staff Analysis and Comments
(1) Be compatible with surrounding land uses OK - The proposed site plan is compatible with the adjacent land uses.
(2) Preserve existing natural features  whenever possible OK – The existing landscaping will be preserved where possible.
(3) Achieve a safe and efficient circulation system A traffic study is currently being completed.
(4) Not place excessive traffic loads on local streets A traffic study is currently being completed.
(5) Conform to the City’s plans for parks, streets, service drives, and walkways N/A - There are no sidewalks proposed along adjacent streets.
(6) Conform to the City’s Goals and Policies OK - The proposal is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
(7) Achieve a maximum of safety, convenience, and amenities OK - A sidewalk connects the building entrance with the parking lot. Bike racks should be provided.
(8) Show sufficient landscaping NO –  See discussion.
(9) Not create detrimental disturbances to surrounding properties OK – The project will not create disturbances which will be detrimental to the surrounding properties.
(11) Meet Title 11 OK-  No variances are needed. The site plan complies with setback and parking requirements.
(12) Show efforts to conserve energy whenever practical OK 

Parking, Access and Circulation

The site plan complies with the required parking. The proposed buildings require 124 spaces and Home Depot requires 200 spaces. The site plan provides 131 spaces for the new buildings and 384 spaces for Home Depot. The parking is based on the current proposed uses.

Access and Circulation
A traffic study is currently underway to assess traffic access and circulation into the proposed buildings and Home Depot.  A drive through is proposed at the west end of Building 2. The plan has stacking for 10 vehicles; City code requires space for six vehicles.

Building Design

Building Elevations

The buildings area mix of EIFS, stone and brick with store front  windows. The proposed mix of materials complies with the maximum 35% requirement for any one material.  The materials use on the buildings are consistent on all sides.

South Elevation
The south elevation is the front of the buildings, it includes the glass storefronts, light brown EIS sign band across the top and brick and stone columns. There are canvass awnings over the entrances and the windows.
North Elevation
The north elevation includes the different colored EIFS, brick columns and a stone base. There are no windows on this side of the buildings.
Courtyard Elevations
The two elevations that face the courtyard include a mix of materials similar to the south elevation. The store windows should include canvass awnings similar to the those over the front windows.
West and East Elevations
These two elevations are similar to the courtyard elevations. They include windows towards the front and a similar mix of  materials. The windows on these sides should also include awnings.

The buildings include a raised parapets over the entrances and the tops of the columns. This feature provides breaks in the roofline.

Focal Points
Stone columns and awnings provide interest to the buildings and highlight the entrances to storefronts.


Overstory trees are proposed on each island and peninsula in the parking lot. Landscaping is required around the dumpster enclosures. Shrubs along the drive-thru screen it from 124th Avenue. The existing overstory trees along 124th Ave will be saved and supplemented with pine trees. Shrubs should be planted along 124th and the building to soften the view of the building.  

Dumpster Enclosures
Two dumpster enclosures are proposed, one for each building. Each enclosure is brick with a stone base that matches the building. The enclosure for Building one is located near the southeast corner of the building. Additional landscaping is needed to screen the enclosure. The enclosure for Building 2 is located near the drive through lane; additional landscaping is also needed around this enclosure.

The wall signage shown on the buildings elevations is not approved at this time. All wall signage is subject to separate permits. A  monument sign is shown on the east side of Building 1, near the intersection of River Rapids Drive and 124th Avenue. The sign is shown at a setback of 15 feet from the curb line. The monument sign is also subject to a separate sign permit.

In Planning Case 17-16, the Commission open the public hearing and continue it to the August 17th Commission meeting, and postpone action on this item to the same meeting.

Location Map
Site Plan
Landscape Plan
Grading Plan
Building Elevations

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