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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 07/05/2017  
Subject:    Class B Off-Sale Liquor Licensing Regulations
From: Joan Lenzmeier, City Clerk

Council is asked to discuss and consider ordinance amending Class B liquor regulations.
At the May 9, 2017 City Council Work Session, Class B off-sale liquor licensing was discussed.  At that meeting there appeared to be consensus for changes to the Class B regulations and staff has prepared an ordinance based on those discussions.

The proposed ordinance would amend the definition of Class B to allow the sale of full intoxicating liquor and include the requirement of the 25,000 square feet of floor area as a primary use. 

The ordinance exempts Class B operations from the minimum floor area requirement of 2,500 square feet to accommodate retailers wishing to have a smaller liquor operation.  Current Code requires a minimum square footage for off-sale liquor of 2,500 square feet. 

The ordinance also includes a maximum size for the Class B operation of 5% of the total gross floor area of the primary use or 2,500 square feet whichever is larger.  As was discussed at the May 9 meeting, utilizing the 5% or 2,500 square feet will keep the size of the liquor store operations that larger retailers would be allowed closely in line with existing Class A off-sale liquor operations, thereby leveling the playing field for existing Class A license holders.

Staff believes that a 25,000 square foot minimum (down from 50,000) will accommodate the types of grocery retailers that have expressed interest in developing in Coon Rapids and allow existing businesses (Cub/Target/Walmart) to apply for a license if they wish. 

Additionally, staff believes that the current conditions in the market will dictate the number of licenses applied for based on the City’s established requirements and what currently exists in the market place and has, therefore, not suggested a maximum number in the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance is attached for your review. 


Discuss and provide direction on the proposed ordinance.

Class B Off-Sale Ordinance

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