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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 08/02/2017  
Subject:    Consider Driveway Agreement for 555 127th Avenue NW (Project 17-4)
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

City Council is requested to approve a driveway agreement and assessment waiver for Norman and Jill Friederichs, owners of the property located at 555 127th Avenue NW within street reconstruction project 17-4.

This agreement is in conjunction with a proposed public roadway easement vacation and City street reconstruction project 17-4 (a public hearing for the roadway easement vacation is being considered on a separate memo). The proposed agreement is contingent upon successful vacation of the roadway easement contained within platted Anoka County right-of-way (County Parkway A). Currently, it is the only access point for the property located at 555 127th Avenue NW. No other adjacent properties have driveways that access said public roadway easement or right-of-way, and all are addressed and accessed from 127th Lane NW.

The property owner of 555 127th Avenue NW objected to the assessment for project 17-4 at the public hearing held February 21, 2017. Since then, staff has worked with the property owner and Anoka County to develop the attached agreement as well as plans necessary to construct a new driveway directly accessing County Parkway A. As such, the existing roadway would be removed and replaced with topsoil and seed. All parties are agreeable to the proposed plan.

City staff believes relocating the driveway is in the best interest of the residents of Coon Rapids as the City will no longer maintain a public roadway for the benefit of one property. In consideration of the agreement, the City would waive the contested assessment of $1,843.08, and the property owner would assume all future maintenance of the newly-installed driveway.

Staff recommends City Council accept the attached agreement with Norman and Jill Friederichs to relocate the driveway for 555 127th Avenue NW to County Parkway A as part of street reconstruction project 17-4 and waive the assessment totaling $1,843.08.

Proposed Vacation
Driveway Location
Driveway Agreement

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