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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 08/02/2017  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 17-88 Designating Alternate Certifying Officer for CDBG Program
From: Cheryl Bennett, Housing and Zoning Coordinator

The City Council is requested to adopt Resolution No. 17-88 designating an alternate Certifying Officer for environmental reviews undertaken by the City’s Community Development Block Grant Program.
The City of Coon Rapids is an entitlement jurisdiction of the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, receiving its funding through a Joint Cooperation Agreement with Anoka County.  For many years the City has principally used its CDBG award to fund a home rehabilitation deferred loan program assisting low- and moderate-income Coon Rapids households.  The CDBG program requires an environmental review be completed for each property assisted.  Anoka County had signed off on the environmental reviews until recently when it was determined that the City, as the responsible entity for its CDBG program, should be the party to consider them.  The environmental review itself is performed by the City’s loan program administrator and evaluated by City staff.
In the case of an entitlement city, the federal regulations governing the CDBG program identify the elected position of the Mayor as the Certifying Official.  The regulations permit the City to designate an alternate Certifying Official.
Staff recommends that the Council adopt Resolution No. 17-88 designating the Office of the Community Development Director as an alternate Certifying Officer for the City of Coon Rapids CDBG program in compliance with 24 CFR Part 58.

Resolution 17-88

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