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Board of Adjustment and Appeals - Regular Session
Meeting Date: 09/07/2017  
Subject:    Case 17-27V, Special Assessment Objection, Lenhart Property Management c/o Trach Properties Inc., 11248 Crooked Lake Blvd NW, 16-31-24-31-0015
From: Trevor White

Unpaid penalties in the amount of $873.00 associated with code enforcement activity against the subject property are proposed to be assessed to the property. This amount was published in error as a result of a clerical error and staff is proposing the assessment be reduced to $871.00, which includes the administrative citation penalty plus the abatement costs and associated abatement administrative fee. The property owner has filed an objection to the assessment.
The following chronology relates to actions and procedures leading to the special assessment in this matter.

On 11/14/2016, Administrative Citation #66643-27248 was issued with one count for outdoor storage in a commercial/office district ($300.00 penalty). The citation established a compliance date of 11/28/2016. The citation was mailed to the owner of record and was not returned as undeliverable.

On 11/29/2016, the property was re-inspected and found not in compliance and the $300.00 penalty was applied. 

On 11/30/2016, the property was abated of the outdoor storage items, including a couch, tires, household garbage, leaf bags and miscellaneous junk and debris.

Penalties charged: $300.00 plus abatement costs of $497.00 and a $74.00 abatement administrative fee.

Total penalty and costs charged: $871.00
In Case17-27V, it is requested the Board of Adjustment and Appeals recommend the City Council amend the $873.00 special assessment to $871.00 due to a clerical error.

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