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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 09/05/2017  
Subject:    Consider Resolution 17-95 Approving JPA for County Road 79 Turnback and Designate as Municipal State Aid Street
From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

The Anoka County Highway Department has proposed the turnback of County Road 79 (Riverdale Dr NW/Northdale Blvd NW) from the westerly city limits of Coon Rapids to the junction with CSAH 9 (Round Lake Blvd NW). City Council is asked to adopt a resolution approving the execution of a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with Anoka County changing the jurisdiction of County Road 79 and removing it from the County System, and designating Riverdale Dr NW/Northdale Blvd NW as a Municipal State Aid street.
Staff discussed several proposed turnback segments with City Council in work session on April 11, 2017. The County road turnback process involves Anoka County turning over roadway jurisdiction and maintenance on an existing County road to the City. This process can involve either the County paying a negotiated lump sum payment to the City to address immediate and future maintenance, or the County itself performing a roadway improvement and then turning over jurisdiction.

As a result of ongoing negotiations, the County has proposed lump sum payments of $684,000 for rehabilitation reimbursement and $5,000 toward a traffic study at the intersection of Northdale Boulevard and Riverdale Drive in exchange for removing the road from County jurisdiction on October 9, 2017. The attached agreement details terms of the payments, required method of rehabilitation, and current and future maintenance of the road.  Staff believes all concerns regarding the County's initial proposal have been addressed.  Language is also included in the proposed agreement stating that the City shall complete a rehabilitation project on this roadway segment no later than 2019.

If the turnback is approved, staff will begin the planning process to reconstruct Riverdale Drive during the 2018 season (potentially in coordination with the City of Anoka). Funding will adequately support full-depth reclamation of the road to City standards as opposed the County's original plan to mill and overlay the segment, and the County has agreed to schedule a patching crew one to two weeks prior to October 9th to repair any potholes or large cracks that may exist at that time. Based on County funds committed to perform a traffic study at the intersection of Northdale Blvd and Riverdale Drive, staff believes the County is willing to work with the City to find a reasonable solution to operational concerns regarding traffic entering and exiting the adjacent shopping area at Round Lake Boulevard. Lastly, County staff confirmed safety concerns at a Metro Transit bus stop within the Riverdale Crossings site have ceased and there have been no known issues since the property owner hired private security staff.

The City of Anoka executed a similar JPA with the County for North Road (Anoka's portion of CR 79) on April 17, 2017, and designated it as a State Aid segment on its system. This means Coon Rapids must do so as well, as State Aid street segments must connect to other streets designated on the State Aid system. By changing Riverdale Dr NW/Northdale Blvd NW to a Municipal State Aid Street designation, the city will be able to claim these miles (0.51) above and beyond our maximum percentage of State Aid Streets (20%) as County Road Turn Back miles, thus increasing the city’s State Aid funding.
Staff recommends that the City Council adopt a resolution and approve the execution of a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with Anoka County to change the jurisdiction of County Road 79 and remove it from the County System.

The proposed rehabilitation payment from the County, in the amount of $684,000, is consistent with what City staff has estimated for a full depth reclamation project on this roadway. At the time of reconstruction a feasibility study will be performed and outline all associated costs for the project.

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