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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 09/05/2017  
Subject:    Public Outdoor Event Discussion
From: Joan Lenzmeier, City Clerk

Council is asked to consider and discuss a possible addition to the City's Code to regulate public outdoor events.
During the March 28, 2017 work session discussion concerning food trucks, the Council asked staff to research the possibility of regulating public outdoor events within the city.  Staff proposes that Council consider a public outdoor event permit that could regulate Fourth of July and Springfest as well as other large outdoor events with multiple components.
Currently there are sections of the code that regulate carnivals and parades.  Staff proposes that carnivals and parades do not fall under public outdoor events but remain regulated under existing code.  The reason for this is so that the city does not create a hardship for the High School with its Homecoming Parade or any of the 5K run/walks that staff has been governing under the parade code.  Carnivals would fall under the carnival code as that is how staff has been regulating them and that is the expectation of our annual permit holders.  In the event that someone only wants to have a carnival, and nothing else onsite for an event, they would use the carnival permit.  If there is alcohol or food trucks, then the public outdoor event permit would apply.
The city currently has a section of the code that requires an exclusive use permit for use of the park or other city facility.  Staff proposes that the existing exclusive use permit continue to apply for individuals/businesses that wish to rent the entire (or a large section thereof) of a city park or facility for a private function where they are not inviting the general public.  This would cover corporate picnics/functions, family reunions, birthdays, etc.
The purpose of the public outdoor event permit would be to regulate the events that occur outside that the general public is invited to attend whether on public or private property.  The language proposed would require property owner permission so, in the case of city parks and facilities, the city would need to sign off to approve use. 
Staff does not expect the concerts in the park series, movies in the park, Night to Unite, or the summer in the city events to fall under this public outdoor event permit requirement.
Staff has attached a draft of the proposed Ordinance for discussion and consideration.

Review and discuss proposed public outdoor events code.

Public Outdoor Events

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