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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 09/12/2017  
Subject:    Neighborhood Drainage Issues
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Over the course of this year, several area drainage concerns have been communicated to City staff.  Drainage concerns are a recurring issue due to a number of factors (weather conditions, development, easement encroachments, etc.) and staff is seeking input from the City Council on the potential development of a policy to address common drainage problems located on private property.

Staff will also provide an update on specific issues brought forward this year, what has transpired since City staff have become involved, and potential options for corrective action.

Public Works staff maintain and repair drainage issues within public streets, public right of way and roadway easements. The Engineering division responds to resident reports of common drainage problems. Staff act as a resource, and provide assistance (site reviews, ideas, recommendations, contacts, etc.) when it comes to concerns located on private property. Property owners are responsible for resolving drainage issues such as localized low areas, inadequate sheet flow away from homes, property line drainage swales and sump pump issues.

Depending on the location of the drainage issue, staff often coordinate efforts with the Coon Creek Watershed District (CCWD). In addition to drainage concerns, staff also provide information and assistance to residents with questions about algae or plant growth in City and privately-owned stormwater ponds, as well as respond to floodplain and insurance requests.

Due to current workload and unusually heavy rainfall the past few years, responding to these requests in a way that provides meaningful recommendations can take time, and often lead to property owner frustrations. Currently, the City does not have a formal policy to address these types of citizen concerns. Staff believe a policy could better guide residents who contact the City with questions and concerns, and provide a standardized process for making recommendations.

With regard to the 2017 concerns raised, staff has attached a location and issues maps that outlines the general information relevant to each location for discussion purposes.

This item is for informational and discussion purposes. Staff is seeking feedback on the Council's desire to develop a policy that would formally address drainage issues and stormwater ponds located on private property.

2017 Drainage Problem Locations
Tronson Creek Ditch
121st Lane Ditch
Cottonwood Street Drainage Concerns
Woodcrest Area Drainage Concerns

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