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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 11/07/2018  
Subject:    Consider Resolution No. 19-8(9) Awarding Contract for Bunker Renovation Phase II at Bunker Hills Golf Club
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

At its regular meeting held September 18, 2018, the City Council approved plans and specifications and authorized the advertisement of bids for Bunker Hills Golf Club Bunker Renovation Phase II (City Project 19-8). Bids were opened October 10, 2018, and Council is requested to award a contract at this time.

The sand bunkers at Bunker Hills are too large, the edging has deteriorated, and liners are exposed and ripped. The proposed project will reduce the size of the west course bunkers and eliminate liners, dramatically decreasing staff time spent on maintenance and repairs and eliminating safety issues related to the fabric liners. It will also improve pace of play and the enjoyment and playability of the golf course. This solution will also substantially reduce future operational costs associated with the bunkering. Bunkers on eighteen holes were recently renovated, garnering very positive reviews from facility users. This project will address the final nine championship length holes.

Staff completed plans and specifications for the renovation and reduction of 30 sand bunkers. Council approved the plans and specifications, and ordered advertisement for bids for the project on September 18, 2018. The advertisement for bids was published September 21 and 28, and bids were opened October 10, 2018. A summary of base bids are as follows:


Contractor Total Bid
Hartman Companies, Inc. $314,000.00
Duininck, Inc. $339,700.00
G Urban Companies, Inc. $445,000.00
Mid-America Golf and Landscape, Inc. $497,763.00

Practice green enhancements were included as project alternates but are not being recommended due to cost considerations and long-term facility visioning.

The estimated and budgeted costs for the overall project were $495,000. The construction contract above is only for the grading and site prep.  The City will be direct purchasing the sand, at a cost of approximately $75,000, and supplying it to the contractor for installation. Additionally, bituminous cart path improvements were included in the budgeted amount and staff is recommending various green-side realignments at an approximate cost of $30,000.

Hartman Companies, Inc., the low bidder, meets all project specifications and has successfully completed comparable work for the City in the past. If awarded the contract, they plan to begin work as soon as possible and be in a position to complete the project within the specified timeline.

Staff recommends City Council adopt Resolution No. 19-8(9) awarding a contract to Hartman Companies, Inc. in the amount of $314,000.00 for the west nine bunker renovation project at Bunker Hills Golf Club.

It is further recommended to approve a project budget for the direct purchase of sand and cart path realignments, in the amount of $105,000.

The total recommended project budget is approximately $419,000, which is under the $495,000 budgeted amount in the Golf Fund.
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Resolution 19-8(9)

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