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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 11/07/2018  
Subject:    Open Mic Response - Joe Smith 1071 Woody Lane
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Mr. Joe Smith of 1071 Woody Lane appeared before Council to to express concerns regarding the use of fluoride in the City's water supply.

Per Minnesota State Statute 144.145, the City of Coon Rapids (and all municipal water suppliers) must fluoridate their water supply.  The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is the responsible regulating authority and prescribes the monitoring of drinking water fluoride concentrations under Rule 4720.0030, which requires daily sampling and monthly reporting.  The MDH set parameters for safe fluoride concentration levels between 0.9 and 1.5 ppm according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research and guidelines.  Addition of fluoride to the water supply system is required, as needed, to achieve concentrations within this range.

All groundwater contains natural fluoride levels; the naturally occurring level from Coon Rapids' supply aquifers is approximately 0.2 ppm.  In 2015, following additional research and direction from the Centers for Disease Control and American Dental Association, the MDH issued a memo allowing municipal water suppliers to voluntarily reduce fluoride concentration levels to a range between 0.5 to 0.9 ppm.  Coon Rapids made the immediate switch to the lower range in June of 2015, and staff plans to continue meeting this lowered threshold until future Statute amendments are instituted.

If further amendments to fluoridation requirements occur in the future, staff will evaluate the changes for potential impacts to the City's treatment and distribution system prior to enacted revisions.  Until the State mandates otherwise, the City will maintain compliance with the regulatory requirements.  Additional details on the City's water quality can be found in the annual Water Quality Reports on the City's website at the following link:


No further action is recommended at this time.

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