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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/05/2019  
Subject:    Approve Master Consulting Agreement with Braun Intertec Corporation
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

From time to time, the City retains consultants for professional engineering services to assist with City projects. Typically, the City contracts with firms possessing expertise in specific areas that cannot be provided by City forces or to supplement existing City services. As opposed to relying on continuing service agreements that are prepared by each consulting firm, staff previously initiated a City master consulting agreement.

At this time, staff seeks Council approval to add Braun Intertec Corporation (general municipal engineering services) into the City consultant pool.
The attached agreement template was reviewed by the City Council on November 19, 2013 and approved as the City standard. This agreement provides consistency and allows staff to better manage the services provided by the various consultants the City retains. Braun is a local company that has completed pavement and geotechincal evaluation, construction materials testing, and other technical services for the City. Staff would like to add Braun into the general municipal engineering and construction services pool due to their experience and responsiveness.

Past agreements have been executed with the various firms below in the specialized areas detailed herein. It is prudent to evaluate the pool occasionally and determine whether all areas of need are still adequately covered, the chosen consultants are performing to expectations, and fees remain competitive. Staff believes adding Braun to the consultant pool would enhance coverage in a specific area of need.

Barr Engineering Co. – Environmental Services; Water Resources
Bolton & Menk, Inc. – General Municipal; Sanitary Sewer; Water
Hakanson Anderson Associates, Inc. – General Municipal, Land Surveying; Traffic/Transportation; Water/Sewer
HDR Engineering, Inc. – General Municipal
Kimley Horn & Associates, Inc. – Bridges; Landscape Architecture; Large Roads/Highways; Planning/Corridors; Traffic/Transportation
Northern Technologies, LLC – General Municipal; Geotechnical
SEH, Inc. – Railroad; Sanitary Sewer; Signals; Traffic/Transportation; Water
SRF Consulting Group, Inc. General municipal; Traffic/Transportation; Large Roads/Highways
WSB & Associates, Inc. – General Municipal; Landscape Architecture; Parks/Master Planning; Water/Water Resources
Staff recommends that the City Council add Braun Intertec Corporation to the City's consultant pool, and authorize appropriate staff to execute such agreement.

Braun Agreement

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