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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/05/2019  
Subject:    Approve Final Payment for Project 17-4, Street Reconstruction
Submitted For: fhanson From: Dianne Nelson, Advanced Accounting Technician

The City Engineer recommends final payment to North Valley for Porject 17-4, Street Reconstruction.

A summary of Project 17-4 is as follows:
Substantial completion date 9/15/17
Contract completion date 9/29/17
Actual completion date 9/29/17
Contract amount $1,711,589.58
Total additions/deletions $0.00
Final contract amount $1,711,589.58
Actual project costs $1,651,952.21
Less:  prevoius payments by City ($1,635,432.69)
Amount due $16,519.52
Amount under final contract $59,637.37

The actual project costs were less than the final contract amount due to less work performed than actual bid.
Staff recommends approval of final payment to North Valley in the amount of $16,519.52 for Project 17-4, Street Reconstruction.

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