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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 02/12/2019  
Subject:    Highway 610 Full Access Interchange
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Council is asked to consider a full access interchange concept for East River Road and TH 610.
For many years, the City of Coon Rapids has sought additional access to Trunk Highway (TH) 610 near Coon Rapids Boulevard.  Currently, only westbound on-ramps and eastbound off-ramps to and from TH 610 exist at both East River Road and Coon Rapids Boulevard.  The City studied additional access concepts to and from TH 610 at Coon Rapids Boulevard between 2011 and 2014.  More recently, vacant land located on the corner of Foley Boulevard and Coon Rapids Boulevard was purchased by the City to allow for potential future TH 610 access ramps.  In 2014, the City submitted a preferred interchange concept to the MnDOT/Metropolitan Council Interchange Review Committee that included full access at Coon Rapids Boulevard.  Response to that proposal was generally not accepted by the Interchange Review Committee and included a list of reasons why, with the primary concern being the close proximity to the system interchange at TH 47 and TH 10 located just to the east of Coon Rapids Boulevard.

In 2018, Anoka County was awarded federal funds for the grade separation of Foley Boulevard over the BNSF Railroad tracks.  This project is scheduled for construction in 2021.  As preliminary design work for this project began during the fall of 2018, several layout alternatives were identified and reviewed.  One alternative, which produces a shorter bridge and flatter grades, straightened the alignment of Foley Boulevard over the railroad tracks and shifted the intersection of Foley Boulevard and East River Road further to the north.  As part of this investigation the full access interchange to TH 610 was reviewed again in an effort to ensure the Foley project would not deter future construction, and a new alternative was developed based upon design challenges.  County and City staff have since worked with project consultants to investigate a preliminary design that would create opportunities to link the projects and provide benefits to each.  Staff has conducted preliminary conversations with MnDOT staff to determine whether the new design would be better received compared to past iterations of the full access interchange.  Preliminary analysis and feedback has been generally favorable.

This work session will include County staff and Commissioners, and is intended to provide information and seek feedback from the governing bodies on the new designs for each project.  Because the Foley project is already funded, decisions need to occur to allow that project to advance while additional study and efforts continue on the interchange portion.
The County will need direction in terms of its current funded Foley Boulevard railroad overpass project in order to proceed with design and land acquisition and be able to meet a 2021 construction schedule.  Staff requests Council discussion and direction on a full access interchange to TH 610 at East River Road.

East River Road and TH 610 Full Access Interchange Layout with Foley Boulevard

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