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  Council Work Session - Immediately Following City Council Meeting
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
7:00 p.m.
Coon Rapids City Center
Council Chambers
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Adopt Agenda
1.   Crooked Lake Area Association Presentation  
Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting 
2.   2018 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Minutes  
3.   Approve Minutes of May 1, 2018  
Consent Agenda
4.   Approve On Sale Wine, 3.2% Malt, Strong Beer and Sunday Liquor Licensing for Akita Sushi Coon Rapids Inc.  
5.   Adopt Resolution 18-66 Accepting Community Strength Foundation Donation in the Amount of $6,480  
6.   Accept First Amendment to Easement Agreement from James M. Stanton Trust  
Public Hearing
Bid Openings and Contract Awards
7.   Consider Resolutions No.17-28(9) Awarding Contract for Riverwalk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation & No.18-68 Amending the 2018 Sanitary Sewer Budget  
8.   Consider Resolution Nos. 18-9(9A) and 18-9(9B) Awarding Contracts for 2018 Well Rehabilitation Program  
Old Business
New Business
9.   Consider Resolution No. 18-7(8) Accepting Plans and Specifications for Egret Blvd Watermain Replacement, and Authorizing Solicitation of Bids  
10.   Consider Introduction of Ordinance Authorizing Conveyance of Outlot A, Minnesota Park Third Addition  
11.   Consider Easement Agreement for Project 17-25, Dakotah Street Reconstruction  
12.   Consider Access Agreement with C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc. for 16-13, Hanson Blvd. Grade Separation  
13.   Consider Resolution 18-67, Amending Budget for a Mower  
Open Mic/Public Comment
Reports on Previous Open Mic
Other Business

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