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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/07/2019  
Subject:    Designate Council Secretary
Submitted For: Joan Lenzmeier From: Melissa Moore, Administrative Assistant I

Each year Council enters into an agreement for recording secretarial services for meeting minutes.
In 1994, Council entered into an agreement with TimeSaver Off Site Secretarial, Inc. (TOSS) for recording and preparation of meeting minutes.  This agreement has been extended annually.
TOSS has submitted the attached Addendum to the Recording Secretary Service Agreement for 2019.  The addendum does reflect a rate increase of about 2.5%.  This will result in a small increase for secretarial services but the increase can be accommodated in the approved budget.  Staff will continue with the modified format of the minutes and only include discussion and not staff reports which will minimize the cost of minute production.
Staff recommends:
a.         Adoption of Resolution 19-1 Designating TimeSaver Off Site Secretarial, Inc. as Council secretary for 2019.
b.         Approve Addendum to Recording Secretary Service Agreement.

Resolution 19-1
Addendum to TimeSaver Agreement 2019

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