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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/15/2019  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 19-4 Accepting the 2019 SCORE Grant from Anoka County
Submitted For: Colleen Sinclair From: Colleen Sinclair, Recycling Coordinator

Anoka County has submitted the 2019 SCORE Recycling agreement for Residential Recycling in the City of Coon Rapids for Approval.
Attached is the agreement between Coon Rapids and Anoka County for funding of the residential solid waste recycling program. The term of this Agreement is from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. The funds within this agreement are used to meet the 2019 recycling goal of 6,513 tons, as set by Anoka County.

Coon Rapids is entitled to receive reimbursement for eligible activities up to $215,177. This amount includes $195,177 (total population and household allotment) for the Recycling program, and $20,000 dedicated for facility improvements. The 2019 recycling budget was approved by the City and County during the 2019 budget cycle, with total SCORE funds available to Coon Rapids in the amount of $215,177.00
Staff recommends that the City Council adopt Resolution 19-4 approving the 2018 SCORE grant from Anoka County, and authorizing execution of the funding agreement.

Resolution 19-4
2019 SCORE Agreement

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