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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/07/2020  
Subject:    Council Rules of Procedure
From: Joan Lenzmeier, City Clerk

Council is asked to adopt Rules of Procedure.
Council annually adopts Rules of Procedure setting forth the order of business for regular meetings, along with certain definitions and explanations.  

As a reminder for Council, the City Manager is authorized to prepare a list of Consent Agenda items, but the Mayor or any Councilmember may request that a particular Consent Agenda item be removed from the Consent list and placed on the regular agenda.  This action should be taken at the time the agenda is formally adopted; the item will then be placed for consideration immediately after adoption of the remaining Consent Agenda items.  As always, should the Council have any questions regarding items posted on the final agenda contact staff, and we will provide additional information before or during the Council meeting.
Staff recommends:
a.  Adopt Resolution 20-2 Establishing Council Rules of Procedure.
b.  Adopt the Addendum to Resolution 20-2, Definitions and Explanations of City Council Order of Business.

Resolution 20-2 Council Order of Business
Resolution 20-2 Addendum

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