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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 01/07/2020  
Subject:    Board and Commission Appointments
From: Joan Lenzmeier, City Clerk

Council is asked to approve the annual appointments of members to the City’s Boards and Commissions.
Below is a list of term status for City Boards and Commissions with recommendations for re-appointments.  Per City Code, Council is also responsible for designating Chairs for each Commission so current Chairs have been listed.  The resolutions have been drafted based on that data but, should Council wish to make any changes to Chair selections, the resolutions can be updated accordingly.

Arts Commission (6 Vacancies)
Mary Ann Kehn, Chair
Amy Kuechle, Reappoint
William Reichenborn, Reappoint
Donna Carson, Reappoint

Board of Adjustment and Appeals (1 Vacancy)
Aaron Vande Linde, Chair
Teri Spano-Madden, Reappoint
Patricia Thorup, Reappoint

Charter Commission
Appointments occur in March
Civil Service Commission (1 Vacancy)
Bob Thistle, Chair

Historical Commission
Luanne Koskinen, Chair
Jackie Dingley, Reappoint

Parks and Recreation Commission (2 Vacancies)
Neal Livermore, Chair and Reappoint
Ryan McAlpine, Reappoint

Planning Commission
Wayne Schwartz, Chair
Ray Knoblauch Reappoint

Safety Commission (4 Vacancies)
Al Hofstedt, Chair
Arnie Alderman, Reappoint

Sustainability Commission (2 Vacancies)
Stacee Demmer, Reappoint and Chair
Christy Lamoreaux, Reappoint
Rebecca Holmlund, Reappoint

Staff recommends that Council adopt the following resolutions:
a.   Adopt Resolution 20-4 Approving Annual Appointments to the Arts Commission.
b.   Adopt Resolution 20-5 Approving Annual Appointments to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals.
c.   Adopt Resolution 20-6 Approving Annual Appointments to the Police and Firefighter's Civil Service Commission.
d.   Adopt Resolution 20-7 Approving Annual Appointments to the Historical Commission.
e.   Adopt Resolution 20-8 Approving Annual Appointments to the Parks Commission.
e.   Adopt Resolution 20-9 Approving Annual Appointments to the Planning Commission.
f.    Adopt Resolution 20-10 Approving Annual Appointments to the Safety Commission.
g.   Adopt Resolution 20-11 Approving Annual Appointments to the Sustainability Commission.

Commission Appointment Resolutions

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