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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 01/16/2020  
Subject:    PC 20-1, Place of Worship CUP, 2393 Coon Rapids Boulevard, Azariah Isreal
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting a conditional use permit to operate a place of worship at 2393 Coon Rapids Boulevard. The property is zoned Office and a place a worship is an allowed use with a conditional use permit.
Conduct a public hearing
Decision by Planning Commission
Appeal to City Council Available
The applicant submitted this application on: December 9, 2019

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City must approve or deny the application by: February 7, 2020
The property is located at 2393 Coon Rapids Boulevard.
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Multi-tenant commercial building Commercial Mixed Use Office/River Rapids Overlay
North Single family Low Density Residential Low Density Residential 2
South Coon Rapids Boulevard N/A N/A
East Vacant Commercial Mixed Use Office/River Rapids Overlay
West Vacant Commercial Mixed Use Office/River Rapids Overlay

The applicant is proposing to occupy 1800 square feet of space located at 2393 Coon Rapids Boulevard. The sanctuary is 522 square feet in size. The church will occupy the second floor of an existing building. The first floor is occupied by office tenants.

The sanctuary can accommodate 74 people based on the square footage. Internal modifications will be needed to make the space usable for the applicant and to meet current building codes. No changes are proposed to the exterior of the building. There is an existing freestanding sign that can be utilized. Access to the site is from the Coon Rapids Boulevard Service Road. No changes to the access are proposed.

The congregation will meet Saturday between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM, Sunday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM and Wednesday evening. The congregation is currently 40 members, 28 adults and 12 children. Sunday services typically draw 32 people, Saturday about 40 people and weeknights around ten people. The applicant believes the growth of the congregation will be 2-3 people or less per year.

Based on the size of the sanctuary, the church will require 18 parking spaces and the 1800 square feet of general office space on the first floor requires 9 spaces. The parking lot contains 17 spaces which equates to 68 people. At this point it is sufficient for the size of the congregation and its future growth. The peak use of the parking lot for the church occurs during times when the office tenant space is closed. Both tenants can use the parking lot without impacting the other. 

Compliance with Conditional Use Permit Standards, Chapter 11-304.3
Standards Staff Comment
The use shall be in conformance with the City’s comprehensive Plan. OK – The Comprehensive Plan has identified this site as Commercial Mixed Use. The place of worship complies with that land use designation.
The use shall not be detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare. OK – The place of worship does not create any effects that will be detrimental to the public health safety or welfare.
The use shall be compatible with the existing or intended character of the zoning district. OK – The place of worship is compatible with the mixed use character of the district.
The use shall not depreciate property values. OK – The place of worship will not depreciate property values.
The use shall not produce dangerous or detrimental noises, glare, smoke, dust, odor, water pollution, vibration or other nuisances. OK – The place of worship does not create detrimental or dangerous nuisances.
The use shall not create traffic congestion, unsafe access or inconvenience parking needs. OK – The site plan shows sufficient parking on site to accommodate this use. The place of worship generates minimal traffic compared to other allowed uses.
The use shall be served adequately by essential services. OK – The essential services currently available to the site are sufficient to serve the place of worship.
The use shall not create excessive additional requirements at public cost for public facilities and services. OK – The place of worship does not require additional public facilities or services.
The use shall preserve and incorporate the site’s important natural features into the development design. OK - The place of worship will not impact natural features on the site.
The use shall cause minimal adverse environmental effects. OK – There will be no adverse environmental effects resulting from the place of worship.
The Council may waive one or more of the above requirements provided they make a determination that the public interest is best served by such a waiver. N/A

Per River Rapids Overlay District Section 11-1003.8(5), the applicant must also demonstrate the proposed use:

1. Advaces the intent of this Section.
The proposed use will encourage a mixed use development of this site.

2. Will not interfere wtih PORT development.
The proposed use will not interfere with future PORT development.

3. Allows for development of the property in an efficient, well organized way.
The site is fully developed with a two story building. The proposed church will be located on the second floor of the building, and will efficiently utiltize the site improvements.

4. Is incorporated into a plan that provides substantial site amenities, buffers and other elements.
The applicant is a tenant moving into an existing building. No exterior improvements are proposed. However, the applicant will have to bring their space into compliance with applicable building and fire codes and make it ADA compliant.
In Planning Case 20-1, the Planning Commission approve the conditional use permit for a place of worship with the following conditions:
  1. Compliance with Title 11
  2. The applicant receive all necessary building permits.

Location Map
Site Plan
Floor Plan
Applicant's Narrative

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