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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 01/14/2020  
Subject:    Review of City Commissions and Annual Work Plans
From: Matt Stemwedel, City Manager

The purpose of this work session item is to review the City's various commissions and boards.  The following information provides a brief overview of the intended purpose of each commission and how each is established in state statute or City code.  Staff has attached the 2020 work plan for each commission for the City Council's review.  City Code Chapter 3-204 requires that each commission, board, or committee prepare an annual work program which shall be submitted to the City Council for approval on or before February 1 of each year. 

The Charter Commission is regulated by Minnesota State Statute Chapter 410.05.  The Charter Commission is required for establishing a home rule charter city.  The initial purpose of the Charter Commission is to draft the home rule charter document to be voted on by a city's residents.  Thereafter, the purpose of the commission is to study the local charter and to propose changes if desired or necessary.

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION (City Code Chapter 3-100)
The Civil Service Commission is established in City Code Chapter 3-100, which has been attached for reference.  The primary purpose of the Civil Service Commission is to "...have control and supervision over the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of all officers and employees of the Police and Fire Departments, as provided by law."  Police and fire civil service commissions are established in Minnesota State Statute Chapters 419 and 420.  The City has a combined commission that oversees both police and fire personnel.  In addition to state statutes and city ordinance, this commission is guided by the Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations document. The document is established by the commission itself and sets the policies and procedures for hiring, suspension/discharge, resignation/retirement and other related matters.

The City's advisory commissions and the Board of Adjustment and Appeal are established under City Code Chapter 3-200.  The code is attached for reference and provides an overview of each commission and its purpose.  Most of the commissions listed are active and will be familiar to the City Council.  Several commissions listed in the code have been repealed.  Two commissions are still established in ordinance but have been inactive for many years (Capital Improvement Commission and the Housing and Community Development Citizens Advisory Commission).
Staff recommends the City Council discuss the roles and purpose of the various commissions and to identify if there are any areas for further research or consideration.  Furthermore, staff recommends the City Council provide feedback on the commission work plans.

MN Stat. 410.05 - Charter Commission
Chapter 3-100 Civil Service Commission
Chapter 3-200 Advisory Commissions
Arts Commission Work Plan
Planning Commission Work Plan
Park & Recreation Work Plan
Board of Adjustment and Appeal Work Plan
Historical Commission Work Plan
Safety Commission Work Plan
Sustainability Work Plan

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