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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 10/01/2019  
Subject:    Consider Adoption of City of Coon Rapids Special Assessment Policy Update
From: Tim Himmer, Public Works Director

Staff has presented information to the City Council on a potential update to the special assessment policy that was originally adopted in July of 2006.  Staff originally presented the information to Council in work session on July 9, 2019, and provided additional information on the same earlier this evening in work session based upon previous direction.  Staff is seeking Council approval to adopt an updated assessment policy for the 2020 reconstruction program.
There is only one item for consideration with this proposed policy update; a one-time rate increase of 3.11% to account for  changing construction standards that have occurred over the past few years.  Those changes include the increase in asphalt surfacing thickness from 2" to 3", and the use of sod for boulevard restoration instead of seed.

These standard revisions have a significant financial impact on construction costs for the reconstruction program and, based upon 2019 bid prices, amount to an additional $644 per typical single family property.  If this total dollar amount would be passed on directly to the property owner it would equate to a 31.11% increase over 2019 assessments rates for single family properties ($2,070).  Staff is proposing a rate increase of 10% of the average construction cost increase, or 3.11%, for the 2020 reconstruction assessment rate.  Such rate adjustment would also be applied to the other zoning districts as well, which are summarized as follows:
Property Type 2019 Rates Proposed 2020 Rates
Single Family (flat rate) $2,070 $2,134
Duplex, Townhomes, Apartments (per front footage) $26 $27
Commercial (per front footage) $52 $54
Industrial (per front footage) $67 $69
Staff recommends that the City Council adopt the attached updated Special Assessment Policy.

Proposed Policy Revision

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