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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 10/08/2019  
Subject:    Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update Discussion
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Ryan Gunderson, Recreation Coordinator

Staff has been updating the 2012 Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation Master Plan to be completed in 2020.  This update is being done in-house since there was extensive work done during the 2012 Master Plan and 2040 Comprehensive Plan update.  
Staff has begun the process of updating the City's 2012 Park, Trails and Open Space Master Plan (the 2012 plan document is attached). The four guiding goals for the 2020 plan update come from the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and include:
Goal #1: Park Functions
Establish, maintain, and promote parks and preserved natural areas for recreational uses that provide visual and physical diversions from the developed residential, commercial, and industrial environment, and as a means to maintain the character, ambiance, appearance, and history of the community.

Goal #2: Natural Resources
Preservation and conservation of ecological systems and natural resources within the City.

Goal #3: Trails
An interconnected trail and sidewalk system for transportation and recreation purposes and as a means to tie divergent parks and open space with the broader community.

Goal #4: Programs
Opportunity for all community residents to participate in recreation activities and programs through effective, accessible, and inclusive recreation programs.

Update on Sections of the Plan:
  • Section 1- Plan Summary: To be completed in 2020 with assistance from staff and the commissions.
  • Section 2- Assessment of Need: To be done in cooperation with Community Development Department, commissions, and stakeholders.
  • Section 3- Vision Statement: Mission, Vision and Values to be done with assistance from commission and public input.
  • Section 4- Parks and Open Space System Plan: Pictures and updated inventory of parks is complete.
  • Section 5- Trail/Pedestrian-Way Plan: Continue to implement current standard procedures and practices.
  • Section 6- Recreation/Sports Program Providers: Updating section based on current stakeholders of City facilities and 2040 Comprehensive Plan Goal #4.
  • Section 7- Operations and Maintenance: Continue to implement current standard procedures and practices.
  • Section 8- Implementation Plan: Continue to implement current standard procedures and practices.

Park Improvements

Since 2001 a significant amount of redevelopment has been done to the park system. Through general fund budgeting, park dedication fees, and the 2013 parks improvement bond funds, over $27,000,000 in capital improvements have been completed. A list of completed park and trail improvement projects is included in your packet.


Recreation needs continue to grow and expand in Coon Rapids. The City offers a number of programs that have met or exceeded expectations. Included in your packet is a list of programs recreational in nature that the City supports or operates.
Although intended to give an update on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan update, staff seeks comments and direction in prioritizing future projects for Parks and Recreation.

Park Projects
Trail Area Maps
City Programs
2012 Park Master Plan

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