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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 11/06/2019  
Subject:    Hold Public Hearing and Consider Resolution 19-114 Adopting 2019(2) Misc. Special Assessment Levy Hearing
Submitted For: Rich Gruber From: Heidi Cederstrand, Assessment Clerk II

After an assessment hearing, the unopposed 2019 Miscellaneous Special Assessments should be adopted.
The amount to be assessed for the 2019(2) Miscellaneous Assessments is $117,322 as of October 29, 2019.  The amount reflects payments and adjustments that have been made since October 15, when the assessment hearing date was set.  An updated amount will be distributed on November 6, and the effected resolutions will be completed at that time.
The process of hearing assessment appeals will include a hearing before the Board of Adjustment and Appeals before City Council adoption.  The City Council still must open a public hearing as required by State Statutes.  At that hearing the City Council should collect written appeals and refer appellants to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals for their review and recommendation.  After the public hearing has been closed, the City Council may adopt the assessments which have not been appealed.
The Board of Adjustment and Appeals is expected to meet on December 5 and will make a recommendation to the City Council at the December 17 Council meeting. 
The terms of re-payment of these assessments are determined by the amount being assessed.  The proposed assessments are categorized by the number of years to be assessed and the interest rate recommended.  Amounts up to $1,000 will be payable in one year, amounts up to $5,000 will be three years and amounts up to $20,000 will be 5 years.
Staff recommends the following action by the Council:
a.         Hold assessment hearing to collect written appeals.
b.         Adopt Resolution 19-114 adopting 2019(2) Miscellaneous Special Assessments (unopposed one year).
c.         Adopt Resolution 19-115 adopting 2019(2) Miscellaneous Special Assessments (unopposed three year).
d.         Adopt Resolution 19-116 adopting 2019(2) Miscellaneous Special Assessments (unopposed five year).

Misc. 2019(2)-1 Year
Misc. 2019(2)-3 Year
Misc. 2019(2)-5 Year

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