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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/18/2018  
Subject:    Consider Feasibility Report and Order Public Hearing and Assessment Hearing for MSA Street Reconstruction - Project 19-2
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

The City Engineering Division is recommending the reconstruction of approximately 2.3 miles of Municipal State Aid (MSA) streets under project 19-2. Staff prepared a feasibility report for the proposed improvements. Council is requested to accept the report and order the public improvement hearing and the assessment hearing for the project, both proposed to be held on February 19, 2019.
Council ordered the preparation of a feasibility report for the proposed project on September 18, 2018. Streets included in the scope of the project are as shown on the attached project location map. The project includes street segments proposed for rehabilitation via full depth reclamation (reconstruction) methods.  

Proposed improvements include the reclamation of the existing bituminous surface and aggregate base, removal and replacement of damaged curb and gutter, sidewalk and pedestrian curb ramp improvements in accordance with ADA requirements, watermain pipe valve and hydrant replacements, repairs or replacements to the existing storm sewer and sanitary sewer as needed, and LED fixture upgrades to City-owned street lights. Curb bump outs are proposed along Foley Boulevard in the area of Goldenrod Street and 118th Avenue to help address neighborhood speeding concerns. A pedestrian actuated rectangular rapid flashing beacon is proposed near Goldenrod Street at the existing Sand Creek trail crossing. The existing 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk located on the east side of Foley Boulevard is proposed to be reconstructed into an 8 or 10-foot wide asphalt trail from Northdale Boulevard to Main Street. This new asphalt trail will continue the previously constructed trail system along the Anoka County segment of Foley Boulevard south of Northdale Boulevard all the way north to Bunker Hills Regional Park. The existing watermain pipe on Olive Street is proposed to be replaced from 121st Avenue to Main Street, and the Sand Creek culvert system below Foley Boulevard is also proposed to be replaced.   

City assessment policy calls for assessing properties benefiting from the proposed improvements. The proposed reconstruction assessment rates are $2,070 for single family residential property, $26 per front foot for multi-family residential property, $52 per front foot for commercial property, and $67 per front foot for industrial property. These rates were determined consistent with City policy, with 2018 rates adjusted by the construction cost index for the Twin Cities metro area. The project includes 91 single family residential properties, three residential twin home/duplex properties, one City-owned property (park), 100 townhome/condominium properties, one commercial property, and one school property.

Properties to be assessed were notified of the pending project in November, and a link to an online survey seeking preliminary information about private property was provided. An informational meeting was held on November 27, 2018, with a second open house planned for January 2019. At these meetings, staff presents an overview of the projects, listens to concerns, and responds to comments.

The project is necessary to improve the condition of the streets, is feasible to construct from an engineering standpoint, and is cost effective.
It is recommended the Council take the following actions:

a. Adopt Resolution No. 19-2(4) accepting feasibility report and ordering a public hearing on improvement for February 19, 2019.
b. Adopt Resolution No. 19-2(10) declaring the cost to be assessed and ordering preparation of proposed assessment roll.
c. Adopt Resolution No. 19-2(11) setting an assessment hearing date for February 19, 2019.

The total estimated cost of the proposed improvement is $4,458,000 with the total amount assessed of $329,122.

The balance of the project cost would be recovered from various funds as follows:
$3,143,878 from Municipal State Aid (MSA)
$65,000 from the Street Reconstruction Fund (797)
$300,000 from the Storm Water Utility Fund (640) recovered through storm drainage charges
$540,000 from the Water System Maintenance Fund (601) recovered through charges for water used
$70,000 from the Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Fund (620) recovered through sanitary sewer maintenance charges
$10,000 from the Streetlight Maintenance Fund (503)
19-2 Location Map
19-2 Assessment Area
19-2 Feasibility Report
Resolution No. 19-2(4)
Resolution No. 19-2(10)
Resolution No. 19-2(11)

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