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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 12/20/2018  
Subject:    PC 18-23 Zone Change, 11790 Xeon Street, SPL Holdings
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting the Planning Commission recommend approval of a zone change to change zoning from High Density Residential/PUD to Medium Density Residential.
Conduct a public hearing
Recommendation by Planning Commission
Introduction by City Council on: January 15, 2019
The applicant submitted this application on:  November 13

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City extended the 60-day requirement to March 13, 2019.
The property is located on the west side of Xeon Street, north of Northdale Boulevard on the south side of Sand Creek
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Undeveloped High Density Residential High Density Residential/PUD
North Sand Creek Park, Recreation and Preserve Conservancy
South Townhomes High Density Residential High Density Residential
East Townhomes and parkland High Density Residential and Park Recreation and Preserve Conservancy and High Density Residential
West Townhomes and Sand Creek Moderate Density Residential and Park Recreation and Preserve Low Density Rsidential 2 and Conservancy

In 1987, the City Council approved a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for six 3-unit buildings. In 1989, the plat for the project was approved and a 3-unit building was constructed on the northeast corner of the site. None of the other buildings have been constructed. In 1999, the six undeveloped lots went tax forfeit. In 2006, Anoka County combined the six lots into one and offered them for sale. The applicant recently bought the parcel with the intention of developing it. They have not submitted development plans to date. Changing the zoning, and the corresponding land use designation, to Moderate Density Residential and eliminating the PUD will set the stage for a future townhome developement.

The parcel is 3.4 acres in size and is currently undeveloped. It has frontage and access from Xeon Street. Sand Creek is located along the north property line as are three condominiums constructed under the current PUD plan. Town homes are located along the south property line. The site is wooded with rolling topography. Coon Creek Watershed District has a 100 foot setback requirement from Sand Creek; the area along Sand Creek is also within the flood plain.

The site is currently guided High Density Residential and is zoned High Density Residential/PUD.


High Density Residential
The stated intent of the High Density Residential district is to provide housing at high densities and at the same time offer amenities for individual and family living. It provides land for attractive, well designed development convenient to shopping, public tarnsit and recreation. These areas are located adjacent to collector or artreial streets. Minimum density is seven dwelling units per acre.

Moderate Density Residential
The intent of the Moderate Density Residential district is to provide housing at moderate densities, and at the same time offer special amentities for individual and family living. This district provides land for attractive moderate-density residential development; emphasizes quality common open space and pedestrian/bicycle access in townhouse and multiple dwelling developments; and will be developed at a gross density between four and seven dwelling units per acre.

Proposed Moderate Density Residential

The site's environmental characteristics make moderate density residential a more appropriate zoning district. Those
environmental factors, proximity to Sand Creek, flood plain, wetland and rolling topography do not allow for development at the higher density allowed under the high density residential zoning. The typical development allowed with moderate density residential zoning would be more compatible with with the adjacent townhome developments.
The Planning Commission should also give consideration to the evaluation criteria found in Section 11- 304 when making their recommendation on rezoning requests.
Section 11-304.10 Criteria Comments
Effect of public health, safety, order, convenience, and general welfare in the area. OK - The proposed zoning will not adversely impact area. The surrounding properties are residential and parks.
Effect on present and potential surrounding land uses. OK – The proposed zoning will not adversely impact the surrounding land uses.
Conformance with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

OK – Assuming the proposed land use amendment is approved, the proposed zone change will be consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The proposed land use designation is Moderate Density Residential.
Conformance with any applicable development district. N/A

In Planning Case 18-23, the Planning Commission move to recommend approval of the proposed zone change based on the following findings:
  1. The proposed rezoning to Moderate Density Residential consistent with the proposed land use designation of Moderate Density Residential .
  2. The proposed rezoning is compatible with the adjacent land uses and zoning.
  3. The times and conditions have change so that a reasonable use of the property can not be made under the current zoning.
  4. The proposed zone change would not have an adverse impact on the area.

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