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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/18/2018  
Subject:    PC 18-19, Consider Preliminary Plat, Vale Street and Coon Rapids Boulevard, Green Partnership
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting preliminary plat approval. The applicant is proposing to replat the property into two lots. Two lots are required because because part of the site is Torrens. There are also dedicated street right-of-ways in the plat will have to be vacated. The Storage Place self storage facility, currently under consideration, is proposed to be located on the subject property.

The subject property is 10 acres in size and is proposed to be developed as a self storage facility by the applicant.  The plat includes properties and street right-of-way that were platted as part of Coon Grove subdivision in 1958. The proposed plat will take those lots and plat them as two lots and plat right-of- way for Coon Rapids Boulevard. The two lots total 5.18 acres and the street right-of-way is 4.84 acres.


Both parcels meet the dimensional requirements for the Industrial district. The property is platted as two parcels because part of the parcel is a "Torrens" property and part is "Abstract" property. The portion of the property that has gone through a Torrens procedure, which is a legal procedure that establishes the legal description of a lot, cannot be combined with property that has a typical abstract legal description.

Existing Street Right-of-Way

The existing plat of Coon Grove includes right-of-way for three streets, Ripple Lane, Oak Street and Brookview Place. These streets were platted but were never constructed. These right-of-way will have to be formally vacated by the City prior to releasing the plat for recording.

Park Dedication

The subject parcels were previously platted as part of Coon Grove (1958) and Auditors Sub. 57 (1948). Since park dedication was not paid as part of the previous plats, a park dedication fee in the amount of $20,720 (5.18 acres x $4,000 acre) will be due at the time of final plat.
In Planning Case 18-19, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the preliminary plat for The Storage Place with the following conditions:
  1. All comments of the Anoka County Highway Department be addressed.
  2. All comments of the City Engineer be addressed.
  3. The street right-of-way for Ripple Lane, Oak Street and Brookview Place be vacated by the City prior to releasing the plat for recording.
  4. Park dedication in the amount of $20,720 be paid prior to releasing the plat for recording.

Location Map
Preliminary Plat

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