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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/18/2018  
Subject:    Consider Joint Powers Agreement with MN Dept of Public Safety for Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force
Submitted For: Brad Wise From: Brad Wise, Police Chief

Staff is asking Council to authorize the police deparment to enter into a Joint Powers Agreement with the State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety to jointly cunduct human trafficking investigations focused on rescuing children who are being sexually exploited in our community.  
The sex trafficking of minors is a serious issue facing our nation. Children are being exploited by traffickers and by those who expertly use the dark web to knowingly seek out children to sexually abuse. The police department would work in partnership with the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to locate and identify these child predators who may be present in Coon Rapids. The scope of work done jointly with the BCA will be limited to predators with a nexus to our city. A designated Coon Rapids detective will attend meetings of this Task Force, but only a very small portion of that detectives time will be spent working these cases. At this point we do not have a specific problem to be addressed, but rather we want to be sure we have a person who is trained and alert for these most vulnerable victims and that this person has access to the best intelligence and resources that only the State can provide. This agreement is valid for one year through December 31, 2019, or until such time that either party chooses to terminate the agreement with or without cause. The detective assigned will remain under supervision of Coon Rapids Police and will not be officed outside of Coon Rapids.
Staff recommends Council enter into a Joint Powers Agreement with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to authorize Coon Rapids Police to be member of the Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force.

There is no additional fiscal impact as the work done by the assigned detective will be done within the scope of their current work assignment at Coon Rapids Police Department.
JPA Human Trafficking

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