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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/03/2019  
Subject:    Approve Master Contracting Agreement with Kinghorn Construction
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

From time to time, the City retains contractors to assist with various citywide projects that cannot be provided by City forces. The Master Contracting Agreement outlines a process that will be undertaken for such work and provides annual pricing rates from trusted firms. The City Council approved the use of, and boiler plate for, the agreement at the April 7, 2015 City Council meeting.
To formalize the City's ongoing relationships with Contractors, a Master Contracting Agreement has been prepared to provide consistency in the approach to complete projects, resolve needed repairs, speed up the process to ensure items are addressed in a timely manner, and allow staff to better manage the services provided.

Due to the nature of the work, and as opposed to relying on a time and material proposal for each specific project, staff requests City Council consider a master agreement with Kinghorn Construction. The agreement outlines the process that will be undertaken for projects, and provides annual pricing rates. Kinghorn has provided technical assistance and successfully completed several project management contracts for the City over the past few years. Adding Kinghorn to the City's contractor pool will provide flexibility in scheduling and ensure work is performed promptly.
Staff recommends that the Council approve a Master Contracting Agreement with Kinghorn Construction, and authorize City officials to execute the attached agreement for professional contracting services.

Master Contracting Agreement

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